Superior-quality Coffee Machine

Have you ever wish that you lived right next to your favourite coffee shop so you could always get your favourite coffee as soon as you wake up? We wish for that every day too.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we’re all about awesome ideas and we’re here to tell you to dream bigger! Instead of just living next to your favourite coffee shop, why don’t you bring the coffee shop home with you? With the Jura Coffee Machine, you absolutely can!

The Jura Coffee Machine is more than just your espresso shot maker, it’s a coffee station that can do so much more.
JURA is a Swiss company that has received recognition from all over the world and is now here to serve Australian homes. This avant-garde Swiss company believes in innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability and service; this has allowed them to lead in the creation of superior-quality and fully automatic coffee machines.

JURA’s development team is comprised of 70 engineers, whose main goal and focus are to allow you to bring home your favourite coffee shop’s coffee with ease. You’ll be sure you can rely on Swiss engineering perfection in every cup when you bring home a JURA Coffee Machine.

The Coffee Extraction

With the Z6 JURA Coffee Machine, you’re going to get the best espresso of your life, right within the vicinity of your kitchen.

JURA Coffee Machine technology has excellently realised the technology behind giving you the ultimate ristretto and espresso. This latest technology present in JURA Coffee Machines’ Z6 models is your very own barista at home with the help of Pulse Extraction Process (PEP), JURA Coffee machine’s trademarked technology, which intensifies the fragrant coffee aromas. Thereby, giving you only the best espresso all with just a push of a button.

Perfect Milk Frothing

Perfect milk frothing for every cup of cappuccino? With the aide of the technologically advanced nozzles, JURA coffee machines will give you soft and compressed milk foam with delectable consistency!

Changing from milk to milk foam is made easy with the soft press buttons on ever JURA coffee machine. You can even adjust the temperature of milk and milk foam, a world-class creation as if made by your favourite barista. All of this with the assistance of a button.

Simple to Use

In this modern age, everything has to be smart and JURA coffee machines are not to be left behind. Controlling the JURA coffee machines is made simple, and smarter. For example, JURA coffee machine’s filter cartridges and the fully automated JURA coffee machines are linked to each other with the use of RFID technology. RFID technology has made it possible for the filters to be recognized automatically and all related JURA coffee machine settings to take place with the function of a button.

“There’s an app for that!” You can say that with your very own JURA Coffee Machine because of their JOE or the JURA Operating Experience. This is like ordering your favourite coffee from your favourite coffee shop at the convenience of your mobile phone.

State-of-the-art Coffee Machine

Highly-developed performance-The Z6 JURA coffee machine is distinguished by the highly innovative technology condensed in one JURA coffee machine. All buttons are pleasantly placed for your view. When you’re ready to add water and put in your coffee beans, you can easily do this by accessing the front side.

Another unique function of this beauty? You can name your own coffee to your liking, the technology of JURA will play with your imagination. Who doesn’t want their favourite coffee conveniently named and ready with just a push of a button?

Even maintaining the machine is as simple as preparing your coffee speciality.

Get your next best coffee from your very own JURA coffee machine. Be sure to check them out online only at Adelaide Appliance Gallery or drop by our store at Payneham Road and experience coffee from JURA like no other.