How to Maintain Adelaide Washing Machines!

Washing machines are essential for every household. They provide you with loads of support. That is why you have to take care of your Adelaide washing machine in return. Just imagine how stressful your laundry day would be, without a functioning washing machine. 

With proper maintenance, these machines can continue to work effectively for many years to come. Here are a few simple but valuable tips that will help you maintain your Adelaide washing machine:

Inspect the Hoses Regularly

The hoses must be checked for cracks or leaks every now and then. If you find any problem with a hose, it needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, there will be a problem in the flow of water to and from the washing machine.

To prevent the hoses from kinking, make sure that your Adelaide washing machine is at least ten centimetres away from the wall.

Break Laundry Into Smaller Loads

Avoid overloading these machines. Try also to wash heavy or bulky items in small loads. Stuffing more than the advised amount of clothes can prevent your Adelaide washing machine from rotating properly. You will end up with partially cleaned clothes that you will have to wash again. Over time, heavy loads can damage the motor of washing machines as well.

Use Suitable Detergents

Before using your Adelaide washing machine, try to read its instruction manual first. There, you will find a suitable type and right amount of detergent to use. Energy-efficient washing machines, for example, require low sudsing detergents. Too much detergent will leave behind soap residue on your laundry. It is also hard on the machines themselves and can cause break-downs. 

Clean the Washing Machine

Unlike the popular myth, fantastic workhorses do not clean themselves automatically. The hard water of Adelaide and the harmful detergents leave build-ups in your washing machine. These can prevent washing machines from cleaning effectively.

To clean your Adelaide washing machine, run an empty load of hot water with two cups of white vinegar. It is recommended to do this every month.

Leave the Washing Machine Door Open

After removing the clean laundry, do not close the door of the machine immediately. It helps keep your machine smelling good. The fresh air removes any moisture from the machine and prevents mould and bacteria build-ups. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we do not just have the best range of high-quality washing machines. We have also formulated our own exclusive range of cleaning products. These will give you the best cleaning results while extending the life of your washing machine. Other low-quality cleaning products in the market can drastically damage laundry machines.

Our range of laundry powders, liquids and softeners are kind on your clothes. They have been created to give you the best possible cleaning results, even in colder temperatures.

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Find the Best Stove Top for Your Adelaide Home at Adelaide Appliance Gallery

With so many kitchen appliances in the market today, choosing the best stove top for your Adelaide house could be tricky. You need to select a stovetop that is convenient for your cooking habits and lifestyle. It also has to complement the design of your Adelaide kitchen.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we offer the best range of high-quality stovetops. To help you find a match here is more information to guide you:

Induction Stovetops

If you have curious children or pets in your Adelaide house, and safety is one of your primary concerns, then choose induction stovetops. The surface of these stovetops does not get hot, even when you are cooking on it. That is why it is also safe for inexperienced cooks. They are less likely to burn themselves using induction stovetops.

For messy cooks, induction stovetops are the ideal choice. Their smooth surface is effortless to clean. Induction stovetops are also more energy-efficient than gas or electric ones.

The Miele | 11230270 | induction stovetops have full-surface induction to give you maximum flexibility on where to place your cookware. It can take up to six pans. With the Intelligent Pan Recognition feature, the control elements of these stovetops move according to where the pans are placed on the stovetop.

Electric Stovetops

These stovetops have a sleek and modern design that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your Adelaide kitchen. The smooth surface of electric stovetops is easy to clean. However, unlike induction stovetops, their surface gets hot, while cooking.

The Neff | T11D41X2 | electric stovetops have space for large pots and pans thanks to their 210 mm two-ring cooking zone. These stovetops also feature a child safety lock option, which prevents unintentional switch-on. You can also set a timer to switch-off the cooking zone, after a selected amount of time.

Gas Stovetops

For experienced cooks who like precise temperature changes and even cooking, gas stovetops are the best choice. Their flames are always visible. They give you a feel of the current heat level. If your Adelaide house suffers from regular power outages, then gas stovetops could be a lifesaver. They will continue to operate, even if the power is out.

The Asko | HG1145AD | Volcano gas stovetops come with a wok cooking feature. It provides intense heat, a dedicated burner, and targeted flame. This is very similar to what experienced Asian chefs use. 

Special Stovetops

If you do not want to install a range hood in your Adelaide kitchen, a downdraft cooktop will solve this problem for you. The Neff | T58TS6BN0 | flexinduction stovetops come with integrated downdraft ventilation. This small vent between the burners works just like a rangehood. 

For those who cannot decide, you can choose the best stove top with multi surfaces. The Bertazzoni | PM361IGX | stovetops come with one gas burner, one electric stainless steel griddle and two induction areas.

To experience the best stove top in action, visit our Adelaide showroom today

How to Ensure Your Appliances Last!

No home could function properly, without reliable appliances. A reliable refrigerator, dishwasher, or stovetop will make your Adelaide household chores more convenient. That is why appliances are essential in our day-to-day life.

The last thing you want is for your Adelaide appliances to break down or stop working. High-quality, reliable appliances should work effectively for years. However, they do need regular maintenance to ensure they will last for as long as possible. 

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your appliances:


The colour of the flame indicates the state of your Adelaide gas stovetop. If it is steady blue, then there is nothing to worry about. Your gas stovetop is working perfectly. On the other hand, if the flame is yellow or orange, this is an indication the burners need to be cleaned. You will have to remove any food particles or other residues from the burners.

Electric or induction cooktops are easier to clean and maintain. Just avoid placing the pots or pans too hard on the burners. Also, try not to drag the cookware across the stovetop. It can damage the surface of these appliances in the end.


Not all items are dishwasher-safe. Some dishes could melt in the dishwasher. Items with small pieces that can break-off, toothpicks, and food leftovers could clog the dishwasher filter. That is why you should check all items before putting them in your Adelaide dishwasher.

Every month, try to run the self-cleaning cycle of your Adelaide appliances. This cycle will clean the inside of the appliances and remove any mineral deposits or build-ups. 


The most essential parts of these appliances are the condenser coils. They are placed behind the refrigerator. Coils are critical for the cooling process. Therefore, they have to be cleaned regularly. Dirty coils will not effectively release the heat. They will put a strain on the compressor and cause it to work harder. In the long run, this will shorten the lifespan of your Adelaide refrigerator. It will also increase your power bills. Avoid also overfilling your Adelaide refrigerator. Too much food can block the airflow inside these appliances. 

Washing Machines 

Just like refrigerators, no appliances should be overloaded. That is why you should avoid filling your Adelaide washing machine with oversized loads of laundry. The overweight can cause parts of the washing machine to break or get worn out. Additionally, the laundry will not get washed properly. 

Between the wash cycles, try to leave the door of your Adelaide washer open. It helps in keeping these appliances dry and removes any odours. When you close the washing machine door, do it gently. Otherwise, you could break its switch.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we do not only offer a wide range of home appliances. Our team will also gladly provide you with advice on how to care for each of your appliances.

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Why You Should Only Be Using the Power of 4 Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are essential for our daily lives. Without them, our home appliances will not be able to clean our laundry or dishes. All cleaning products contain chemicals that help improve their efficiency. However, some of these chemicals could be harmful to your appliances, fabrics and even your skin. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we do not just sell high-quality home appliances. We are also passionate about making your Adelaide home more functional and convenient. Our Power of 4 exclusive range of cleaning products does not just give you the best results. It will also extend the life of your appliances.

Our over forty years of experience in home appliances made us aware of their durability, especially washing machines and dishwashers. We found out that many of the cleaning products in the market today do more harm than good. That is why we created our Power of 4 cleaning product range.

The Power of 4 cleaning product range includes rinsing aid, delicate wool wash, sanitiser softener, ultra-concentrate, glass Kleen, steel Kleen, dishwasher powder, laundry powder, descaler, water softener salt, low allergy laundry powder, and laundry liquid.

Here is why you should switch to Power of 4 cleaning products:

Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Cheap cleaning products cause harmful build-ups within your dishwasher or washing machine over time. These usually lead to drum breakage and erosion of working parts. It will cost you thousands in repairs.

To save yourself all of these costs, you should start using our Power of 4 cleaning products. They will get you the best cleaning results. Most importantly, they will save your appliances and extend their lives as long as possible.

Kinder on Fabrics and Skin

Our Power of 4 laundry powders, liquids, and softeners are gentle on all types of clothes. Their low suds formula is guaranteed to give you the best cleaning results, even in colder temperatures. It contains enzymes that help remove tough stains, such as blood and grass. That is why the Power of 4 detergents are the best option for both front and top-loading washing machines. 

For people with sensitive skins or allergies, we recommend using the Power of 4 detergents. They do not contain fragrances and other chemicals that can cause skin irritations.

Savings in the end

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we only stock the highest quality of home appliances and cleaning products. We believe that the price you pay for quality now will save you a lot of money shortly. Cheap cleaning products will harm your appliances, your skin and will not even get you the best results. However, with the Power of 4 products you are guaranteed to get what you have paid for.

Get the best cleaning results and save your home appliances. Visit our Adelaide showroom today or make an online order through our website now!

Why the Induction Cooktop Is the Way of the Future!

For so many years, stovetops came in only two types, gas, and electric. However, recently, induction technology was introduced. These stovetops revolutionized our everyday cooking forever. That is why induction cooktops have quickly become very popular amongst Adelaide homeowners.

Here is why you should choose induction stovetops for your Adelaide house:

Precise Temperature Control 

A good cook needs to have ultimate control over the cooking temperature of the stovetop. That is why many professional chefs prefer to cook on gas stovetops rather than electric ones. Induction stovetops feature even higher temperature refinement than gas cooktops. With these stovetops, you can cook like a professional in your Adelaide kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

Induction stovetops will not drive your electricity bills over the roof. They only operate when there is a pot or other cookware on them. The heat is also directly applied to the cookware itself. Therefore, energy is used very efficiently.

Cooler Kitchen

Unlike other cooktops, the surface of induction stovetops does not heat up. It remains cool, and the heat is directly applied to the cookware. That is why the heat does not transfer to the kitchen surroundings. As soon as the cookware is removed, the heating stops. Induction stovetops allow you to enjoy cooking in the summer at your Adelaide kitchen. 


One of the most essential features of induction stovetops is their reliability and safety. Induction stovetops do not heat up unless you put the cookware on them. Even while cooking, their surfaces remain cool. It is only the cookware that heats up. Once the cookware is removed, the induction stovetop will also automatically shut itself off. 

With induction stovetops, you will not have to worry about your children or pets getting burned in your Adelaide kitchen. There is no fire or hot surfaces.

Easy to Clean

It is effortless to keep induction stovetops looking as good as new. Unlike gas stovetops, they do not have grills and burners that are difficult to clean. The surface of induction stovetops is flat and smooth, with no obstacles. It is also sealed. That is why the edges do not gather dirt or oily residues. So with just a wipe off, you will be able to clean the whole stovetop. 

The surface of induction stovetops also remains cool, while cooking. You will not have to worry about tough-to-clean burned grease spills. With just a damp cloth, you will be able to clean the surface of your induction stovetop easily. 

You can find the best range of high-quality induction stovetops at Adelaide Appliance Gallery. We stock induction stovetops only from the world’s best-known brands including Miele, Bosch, Neff and Asko. Many of our kitchen appliances are on display in our Adelaide showroom. They are plugged in and ready to be tested by you.

Enter the new era of cooking with an induction cooktop. Go to our Adelaide showroom or visit our website today!

The Perfect Dryer Ready for Winter!

With the winter approaching, leaving your laundry outdoors to dry could become more inconvenient. The weather in Adelaide is not very predictable in the winter. It will also take a lot of time for the clothes to dry outdoors, especially if you have a large household. That is why having a perfect dryer is essential.

When it comes to choosing the perfect dryer for your Adelaide household, you should first set your priorities. Some dyers are more energy-efficient, while others have more speed.


Energy Efficiency


Heat pump dryers are more energy-efficient. Unlike conventional dryers, they do not release the used hot air. Instead, heat pump dryers conserve the warm air and reuse it. That is why they are more eco-friendly and cost-efficient for your Adelaide house in the long run. 


With the Siemens | WT47Y7W0AU | Self-Cleaning dryers you will not have to worry about cleaning the condenser. These self-cleaning dryers automatically clean the condenser several times, during each drying cycle. You will not also have to worry about drying your shoes or pullovers. You can put them in the wool/shoe basket. It is securely hooked into the dryer in a horizontal position and does not rotate with the drum. 


Another excellent heat pump option for your Adelaide household is the Miele | 11006030 | dryer. They have a filter system that protects the heat exchanger. It will keep the heat exchanger clean and the energy consumption and run time low. For freshly scented laundry, you can use Miele fragrance flacons. They transmit your favourite scent to the laundry, during drying.




If you have a large Adelaide household and care more about the speed, then standard condenser dryers will be more suitable for you. Heat pump dryers take longer to dry clothes. One of the best dryers for a large Adelaide family is the Asko | T208C.W.AU | condenser dryer. It has an 8 kg capacity. These stylishly designed dryers are also budget-friendly. They are very affordable. With a sensor and time-controlled drying, you can also achieve some energy-efficiency with these condenser dryers. 

To allow even air circulation and reduce creasing and bundling, these dryers have a Butterfly Drying system. This system uses air lift paddles to gently lift and spread clothing. The high-quality stainless steel drum is also constructed to stop clothes from tangling together.


At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find the best range of high-quality dryers. We stock dryers from the world’s best-known brands. In our Adelaide showroom, you will find many of our dryers on display. They are also plugged in and ready to be tested.


Our sales team are experts on all the dryers we have. They will gladly help you choose the best one for your Adelaide household. After the sale, if something goes wrong with your dryer, do not worry. Our onsite repair service has you covered.


Choose from the best range of dryers in South Australia. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

Got Pets? Here’s How to Select the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner!

Loving your pets does not mean you should also love the mess they leave behind. Cleaning after your pets can be a challenging task. However, with the right vacuum cleaner, you will not have to worry about that anymore.

Miele has a unique vacuum cleaner line, dedicated to pet owners. The Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner line includes a charcoal filter that helps you remove unwanted odours from your Adelaide home. Each vacuum cleaner comes with an electric powerhead that can easily remove pet hair from furniture, stairs, and even car fabric.

Miele | 11071460 | Vacuum Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline

This vacuum cleaner is ideal if your Adelaide house contains lots of medium to high pile carpets. It is equipped with Miele’s most powerful powerhead. The large brush roll and short bristles help create a lot of agitation on the carpets, giving them a deep clean. To get the best of both worlds, this C3 vacuum cleaner also comes with Miele’s best tool for smooth, bare floors. It also contains three attachments to clean delicate drapes, furniture, and tight spaces. With the largest Miele dust compartment, this vacuum cleaner has a 4.5-litre dust capacity.

Miele | 10502220 | Vacuum Blizzard Cx1 Cat & Dog

It is the only bag-less Miele vacuum cleaner model that is equipped with an electric powerhead. Compared to other bagless vacuum cleaner brands, emptying the dust container of a Miele vacuum cleaner is more hygienic. Miele bag-less vacuum cleaners contain a revolutionary filtration system. 

The Cx1 vacuum cleaner also comes with lots of attachments. The Twister Floor Brush is ideal for cleaning the high-quality wooden floors, and natural stone finishes in your Adelaide house. For carpeted stairs and other hard to reach carpeted places, you can use the Hand Turbo Brush. There is also a crevice tool for cleaning corners, a dusting brush for draperies and keyboards, and an upholstery brush for furniture and mattresses.

Miele | 10797670 | Vacuum Compact C2 Cat & Dog

As a compact model, this vacuum cleaner is easier to handle and store anywhere in your Adelaide house. Its electric powerhead is easy to manoeuvre through carpets and rugs. If you turn off the roller brush, you can also easily clean bare floors, such as hardwood or natural stone.

The C2 compact vacuum cleaner also comes with a dusting brush, upholstery brush and crevice tool. They can be easily hooked on the base of the hose.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you can find all of these vacuum cleaner models and more. We believe quality equals savings in the long run. That is why we only stock high-quality vacuum cleaners at our Adelaide showroom. There, you will find many of our vacuum cleaners plugged in and ready to be tested by you.

Enjoy the companion of your pets without having to worry about the clean-ups with the right vacuum cleaner. Visit our Adelaide showroom or website today!

Coffee Machine Models for 2020 That Will Make Your Morning A Little Sweeter!

Start the New Year with a new coffee machine for your Adelaide home or office. With all the coffee machine models in the market today, how could you choose? To help you out, here is a list of the best coffee machines in 2020:


Jura | E6


These sleek and stylish coffee machines are an excellent choice for serious coffee fans. You can hook it up to your smartphone via Bluetooth or use Jura’s mobile app to control the coffee machine. The Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) rushes hot water through the coffee to pre-infuse it. This allows for faster extraction in half the time.

The E6 automatic coffee machines have three levels of hot water temperature and eight programmable coffee strengths levels. With 1.9 litres water capacity and 280 g bean capacity, these coffee machines are suitable for your small Adelaide office or busy household. 


Jura | E8


With just a touch of a button, you can adjust your coffee brew strength. The LED screen on these coffee machines will guide you through the whole process. It will also inform you about what is going on with your coffee. 

These stylish coffee machines come with two spouts and a built-in frother. They make all kinds of coffee drinks, even flat whites. You can now enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at your Adelaide house with your coffee-loving buddy. 


Miele | 11165420 | Cva 7845


If you are looking for the best built-in coffee machines for your Adelaide kitchen or office, look no further. With the CVA 7845 model, Miele showed how coffee making could get better. These coffee machines have an on-board supply of up to three different types of beans. Each cup of coffee is brewed separately, without any cross blending.

The AutoClean and AutoDescale have exclusively patented Miele features. With these features, you can forget the hassle of having to clean your coffee machine and degrease the brew unit. These coffee machines also feature a water supply connection. So you will not have to keep filling the water tank. 

With 25 different drink specialities, including tea, these coffee machines are an excellent choice for your Adelaide office or large household. The Miele mobile app allows you to switch the device on, start coffee preparation, and check the machine care status. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have the best range of coffee machines in the market today. You can choose between fully automated coffee machines with all the extra features. If you prefer to add a more personal touch to your cup of coffee, we do also have simpler models that grant you more control.

Our sales staff is extensively trained in the range of coffee machines we stock. They can help you find the perfect coffee machine for your needs and Adelaide kitchen or office designs.

Taste every single possible type of coffee our coffee machine models can create before you make a decision. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

A Washing Machine You Can Count On!

Washing dirty laundry is a mundane task you cannot escape. Nothing else can ease this burden for you better than a reliable washing machine could, and that’s what makes these appliances so indispensable in the kitchen.


However, washing machines are also one of the hardest home appliances you could shop for as they come in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and features – too many to choose from!

To buy the best washing machine for your Adelaide household, there is much more to consider than how well it cleans. Here are some essential aspects to look for when choosing washing machines:


Low Noise Level


Loud washing machines can be a nightmare for your Adelaide household. The average volume of washing machines is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the dB, the louder the washing machine will be. To make sure your Adelaide washing machine will not be noisy, look for features such as brushless or inverter motors and anti-vibration systems.

The Asko | W4086P.W.AU washing machines come with durable brushless motor and Quattro Construction for vibration-free spinning. With noise levels of only 77dB maximum, you will know the washing machine is working, but without much disturbance in your Adelaide house. 

These washing machines have SteelSeal doors. They have eliminated the typical rubber door seals for a more hygienic wash. That is why it has been approved for the Asthma Council Sensitive Choice endorsement.


Water and Energy Efficiency


Front loading washing machines use way less water than top-loading ones. A highly efficient washing machine can reduce the water and electricity consumption of your Adelaide household significantly. 

The Siemens | WM14W440AU washing machines have a 5 Star Water Rating (WELS). They come with an intelligent sensor system. This smart waterPerfect Plus water management system grants you maximum water efficiency. It will not only detect the type of fabric you are washing, but also the load size. The system will accordingly determine the required amount of water precisely. 


Tough on Stains Gentle on Fabrics


The most essential feature of all washing machines is to clean your laundry. Clothes come in all types of fabrics and stains have different characteristics. Therefore, the best washing machines should be able to handle all of these differences. Some washing machines have special stain-removal programs, such as pre-soaking cycles and sanitizing cycles.

The Miele | 11006000 washing machines are very gentle on garments. The Honeycomb drum has a hexagonal sculptured surface that allows clothes to glide gently on a thin film of water. With twenty-eight special wash programmes, you will wash any type of clothes conveniently. The wash program for shirts prevents creasing. There is even a program for feathers. It will gently wash down-filled textiles, such as jackets and pillows, and ensure they remain fluffy and stay in shape.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find the best range of high-quality washing machines. Our team of salespeople are professionally trained on all of our laundry appliances. They will help you choose the best washing machine for your Adelaide household.

Buying a reliable washing machine has never been easier. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

How a Dishwasher Will Actually Save You Water!

It could be hard to believe, but using a dishwasher is actually the eco-friendly choice compared to hand washing the dishes. Newer dishwashers use water and electricity more efficiently. They will actually save your Adelaide household on electricity cost. 

Make the greener choice and start using dishwashers. They are eco-friendlier, here is how:


Save Water


Many people think dishwashers waste more water. However, trying to clean a load of dishes in the sink will consume around 60 litres of water. Efficient dishwashers, on the other hand, can cut the water waste to as little as 11 litres per load. It will save your Adelaide household around 14,000 litres of water per year.

The new efficient designs of dish racks provide optimal exposure of your plates and utensils to the water. Consequently, dishwashers will require less water to get them cleaned. Some dishwashers have sensitive technology that can detect how murky the water has become. If the water is cloudy, the dishwasher will add a little more clean water and then test again. This incremental water increase process will repeat until the water is clear. 

The Miele | 10470960 dishwashers have a sensor wash programme that can use as little as 6.5 litres of water. With the EcoFeedback feature, the dishwasher will display the estimated water and electricity consumption for the wash programme you select.


Save Energy


An even harder-to-believe fact is that dishwashers can decrease your Adelaide household electricity bill. Think about it. You need hot water to wash dishes by hand. Some new dishwashers have heaters inside them. They can warm up the water more efficiently than conventional water heaters. Energy-efficient dishwashers can use less than half of the electricity required to wash the dishes by hand. 

The Bosch | SMV66JX01A dishwashers have very low-energy and water consumption. Its HeatExchanger feature uses the residual heat from the primary wash cycle in rinsing and drying the dishes. It will save energy while also providing optimum drying results.

The automatic program of these dishwashers assesses how soiled your dishes are and adjust the required time and temperature accordingly. The revolutionary ActiveWater system uses every single drop of water to the maximum. That is why these dishwashers are amongst the most resource-efficient in the world.

To get the most water and electricity savings of your dishwasher, try to wash only full loads. Also, try to load your dishwasher correctly. If you cannot fill up your Adelaide dishwasher once a day, you can run a rinse cycle, until you have a full load. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find the best range of high-quality dishwashers. We stock dishwashers only from the best-known brands in the world, including Miele, Bosch, Siemens, and Neff. You can come to our Adelaide showroom to test the dishwashers yourself. They are all on display and plugged in.

Check out our range of water-saving and energy-efficient dishwashers. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

How Often Should You Be Maintaining Your Washing Machine?

With the New Year, many Adelaide homeowners get into a cleaning frenzy. Usually, household appliances get left behind. By not cleaning your washing machine, dishwasher, oven and other appliances, you are just allowing the germs to thrive in there. In the long run, this could also affect the performance of the machine. It could also lead to serious problems and even breakdowns. 

Washing machines usually just require in-home cleaning and maintenance. However, with severe problems, you should call a professional maintenance and repairs service. 

Here are some quick and easy things you could do to keep your Adelaide washing machine clean and prevent potential issues:


Always Use Suitable Detergents


When it comes to detergents and fabric softeners, less is always better. Regular detergents produce many suds. Over time, it could build up a film on the drum and hoses of washing machines. This could lead to mechanical and even electronic damage to your Adelaide washing machine.

High-efficiency washing machines use less water. They cannot effectively rinse out regular detergents. Therefore, you should only use the detergents specially made for high-efficiency washing machines.


Monthly Cleaning Session


Without regular cleaning, washing machines can become a breeding environment for germs. That is why it is recommended to do a service wash once a month for washing machines. It is essential to keep your Adelaide washing machine in top shape for years to come.

Just pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and run an empty load on the hottest cycle. It will sanitize the basin and kill any germs in your Adelaide washing machine. For front-loading washing machines, it is also recommended to keep the door open between washes to let the interior dry.


Call a Professional for Serious Issues


High-quality washing machines are carefree appliances. However, you should still always check for signs to find out if something is wrong. Catching minor issues on time is critical. Otherwise, they could turn into significant problems.

Some issues with your Adelaide washing machine are beyond a regular cleanout. They will require professional repair. Leaks, for example, can cause shorts in the electrical parts of washing machines. Unusual, strange noises can indicate that something is wrong with your Adelaide washing machine.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we offer advice on how to maintain your appliances and ensure they remain in top shape. Our customers can always call us or visit our Adelaide showroom for support. If required, we will send one of our technicians to your Adelaide house to service the appliance there.

We are also warranty agents for all the washing machines and other appliances we sell. Just give us a call, and we will make the service arrangements on your behalf. We use full-time, in-house technicians to get your appliance repaired and running in no time. 

Get high-quality washing machines and an after-sales service you can rely on. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

How to Stack Your Dishwasher for an Effective Wash Cycle!

Dishwashers are the best time, effort, and energy-saving appliances. Getting your dishes cleaned in your Adelaide dishwasher uses far less water and electricity than washing them by hand. To get the most out of dishwashers, you have to load them correctly. 

Loading dishwashers is not a difficult task. However, not everybody knows how to do it properly:


Never Stack Items Together


If you stack your dishes above each other, the water spray will not be able to reach them. The best dishwashers loading rule is: if the water cannot reach an item, it will not get cleaned. Therefore, you should never overload your Adelaide dishwasher. Make sure always to keep all the dishes separated and accessible to the water.


Insert Bowls and Plates onto the Bottom Rack 


To get your plates perfectly cleaned, their dirty side should be facing the source of the water spray. They should be angled down. The water source is usually at the centre of the rack. Never place flat pans or plates at the front, near the door of your Adelaide dishwasher. They could block the dispenser from opening and getting the detergent out. 


Put the Utensils in the Flatware Basket


To ensure the spoons will not nest together, place some with their handles up and others down. For your safety, put sharp knives with their blades down. Make sure all the utensils are distributed loosely inside the basket. When unloading dishwashers, utensils should be carefully grabbed by their handles to stay clean. 


Place Glasses and Cups at the Top 


When placing cups inside the dishwashers, try to angle them as much as possible. Otherwise, the water could pool on their base. If you still find puddles on them at the end, unload the bottom rack of your Adelaide dishwasher first. It will help you avoid getting any drips on the plates below the cups.


Secure All Plastic Items on the Top Rack


Most dishwashers have their heating element at the bottom. Therefore, try to place any plastic items at the top. Otherwise, they could melt or warp if they got too close to the heat source. 


Make Sure Spinning Arms Are Moving Freely


Before running your Adelaide dishwasher, make sure no obstacles are blocking the tubes or sprayers. Check also that the detergent cups can fully open. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we do not just offer the best range of high-quality dishwashers. Our passion for dishwashers has also driven us into creating our own exclusive range of cleaning products. Our Power of 4 range of products will give you the best cleaning results. They will also elongate the life of dishwashers. Other cleaning products in the market today can cause damage to your Adelaide dishwasher.  

Get the best range of dishwashers cleaning products that will make your dishes crystal clean. Visit our Adelaide showroom today or order through our website!

Stove Tops That Will Have You Cooking Like A Masterchef!

Nowadays, kitchen appliances come in all shapes, forms, and options. You will get overwhelmed, trying to shop for your Adelaide kitchen. To stay focused, concentrate on what counts most – stovetops – the appliance any Adelaide kitchen cannot function without.

Stoves are an indispensable part of any kitchen. More than a hundred years ago, the introduction of a gas stove has completely changed the way we use our kitchen forever. Over the years, these cooking appliances have come a long way. Today, they come in three main types: 


Gas Stove Tops


Gas will always remain a preferred option for cooking experts. Its rapid response time and precise heat control make it an excellent choice for your Adelaide kitchen. Gas stoves offer the exact low heat you need to bring something to simmer. To bring water to a boil, gas stoves can also provide powerful heat-ups immediately. 

The gas flames will also distribute the heat evenly across the base of your cookware. Compared to electric stovetops, gas cooktops will get the food cooked faster. Nowadays, gas stoves come with sophisticated safety features, such as flame-failure cutouts. 


Electric Stove Tops


No one can deny how sleek and stylish ceramic electric stovetops are. They will add a contemporary look to your Adelaide kitchen. Their smooth surface also makes it easier to clean. Electric stovetops also have excellent heat-ups. However, they are not as efficient or effective as induction or gas stovetops.

Electric stoves come with excellent safety features, such as residual heat indicators. These warning lights will indicate when the stovetop has cooled down to a safe temperature. 


Induction Stove Tops


As with gas, induction cooktops have superb heat-ups. To be more efficient, the heat is applied just to the cookware. Induction stovetops use a magnetic field to heat up the base of the cookware only. The temperature control of these stove tops is also exact. 

The efficiency, flexibility, and variety of innovative features made induction stovetops very popular in Australian kitchens. Safety is also a great advantage of these stovetops. The surface does not get as hot as electric or gas cooktops. Induction stovetops heat-up only to transfer energy to your cookware. 

High-quality stoves are essential to your Adelaide kitchen. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom, you will find the best range of high-quality stovetops. If you want to see our stovetops in action, you can attend one of our free, live cooking sessions. There, you will get to taste the food cooked on our stove tops.

Our wide variety of stove also includes combination cooktops. They have combined gas and induction stovetops in the same unit to give you the best of both worlds. We also have stovetops with integrated range hoods. With this innovative downdraft ventilation option, you will not need an overhead range hoods. 

Become a master chef at home with the right stovetop. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!

The Kitchen Appliance Every Adelaide Household Needs!

Most of your Adelaide household appliances find their spots in the kitchen. It is, after all, the most active room in any house. Each addition of a kitchen appliance set in your Adelaide home increases its functionality. 

Nowadays, new sleek and trendy kitchen appliances are introduced to the market all the time. That does not mean you should buy them all. In fact, you should only buy the kitchen appliances that you need. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money on useless appliances. 

In other words, ask yourself what is the most essential kitchen appliance every household needs. Which appliance will your Adelaide kitchen not function without?


Induction Cooktops


It does not matter how great a cook you are. Without the right kitchen appliances and tools, cooking can become an exhausting nightmare. Over the past couple of years, the kitchen appliances industry has flourished. The technological advancement has made kitchen appliances more efficient and easier to use.

Some of these kitchen appliances became a necessity for households. They are not considered just a luxury anymore. Induction cooktops are at the top of this list. These cooktops have revolutionized the whole cooking experience. They make cooking faster, hassle-free and more fun. 

Induction technology uses magnetic currents to apply the heat directly to your pots and pans. This consumes less electricity. That is what makes these kitchen appliances the most cost-effective way to cook meals. With these easy-to-use kitchen appliances, you can cook large meals effortlessly. Plus, the smooth surfaces on these cooktops make them easier to clean. 


What Makes Induction Better Than Gas or Electric Cooktops?


Gas and electric cooktops have ruled the kitchen appliances industry for a long time. Many cooking experts preferred gas cooktops for their heat control. While others found electric cooktops sleeker and easier to clean. Induction cooktops revolutionized the kitchen appliances market. They combine the best of both worlds. They are easy to clean and provide precise heat control. That is what made them gain instant popularity.

Moreover, induction cooktops come with a list of unique features and benefits. For example, these kitchen appliances do not involve fire. Their heat is applied just to the pots and pans directly. Therefore, they will help you escape the heat when cooking in your Adelaide kitchen. 

These kitchen appliances are also safer. Their surface does not get hot until a pot is placed on it. It also cools down quickly afterwards. This could be critical if you have children at your Adelaide house. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find the best range of high-quality kitchen appliances from the world’s best-known brands. Many of our kitchen appliances are on display at our Adelaide showroom. They are plugged in and ready to be tested by you. If you want, you can also attend one of our free cooking sessions. There, you can see the kitchen appliances in action and taste the food cooked on them.

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Which Oven Size Is Best for a Family Home?

Ovens in the kitchen are quite essential, especially if you love to cook. You can bake in them and prepare a perfect meal for your family and friends. However, not many homeowners know how to choose the ideal oven for their needs. 

When shopping for ovens for your Adelaide home, there are many aspects to take into consideration. The type, appearance, brand, and price of ovens are all essential factors. However, the oven size could be the most important and trickiest feature to choose, especially if you have a large family. 

Here are some hints to help you select the perfect oven size for your Adelaide kitchen and family needs:


Oven Sizes


No one can deny that big ovens are ideal for large families. However, when choosing the oven size, you are limited by your Adelaide kitchen space. You want to buy an oven that could fit into your Adelaide kitchen space. At the same time, it should also be large enough to fit your bulky trays and pots.

Ovens are typically 60 cm wide. That is the standard size in most homes. However, 70-90 cm ovens are ideal for big families. 

The Bosch | VBC578FS0 | Series 6 ovens are 90 cm wide. They have an interior cavity of 85 usable litres. These built-in ovens also come with the large baking trays, which can be used, on up to four levels. They can give you perfect baking and roasting results for big roasts or large meals. 

After cooking a large meal, the last thing you want is to clean the oven. Thanks to the Pyrolytic automatic self-cleaning feature, you will not have to worry about that anymore.


Double Ovens


These are two ovens with independent heat and feature controls, which enable you to cook different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Double ovens give you an additional, much-needed cooking space. It could be essential for your Adelaide kitchen if you have a large family and often cook for a large number of people. These ovens could be life-saving when you prepare large holiday meals. 

The Bertazzoni | 120 Cm 6 Gas Burner / Double Electric ovens have the best cavity size in their class. With these 69-litre ovens, you could easily prepare meals for large groups of family and friends. Also, do not worry about your electricity bill. These ovens have an A++ energy rating.

The Multi-level cooking in these ovens is fast and efficient. You can cook a variety of dishes with no flavour crossover. 

High-quality ovens are essential to a well-functioning kitchen. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, our expert sales team is professionally trained in every single kitchen appliance we sell. They will help you find the perfect oven for your Adelaide kitchen. Many of our ovens are on display and plugged in at our store.

See the ovens in action and judge for yourself. Visit our Adelaide showroom now!

Which Is the Best Washing Machine for Large Families?

For a large family, choosing the right washing machine is critical. With the mountains of laundry piling up every day at your Adelaide home, you need a reliable, large washing machine. However, size is not the only aspect to consider in choosing washing machines for large households.

Here are a few essential features to look for when evaluating washing machines for your big Adelaide family:

Large Capacity

With a large household, everything you use should scale up to suit your Adelaide family needs. A big family comes with big loads of laundry. Therefore, you need to look for washing machines that can handle large amounts of laundry.

ASKO | W4104.W.AU | front loading washing machines are ideal for large families. They have a heavy-duty 10-kilogram capacity. You can also tailor the wash cycle to fit your needed requirements. These washing machines have normal mode, green mode, allergy mode, speed mode, and intensive mode cycles.

Speedy Cycles

The chores of your large Adelaide household probably do not seem to end. That is why you need a washing machine that saves you time.

Miele | 11006000 | Wwv 980 Wps washing machines come with a speedy cycle. The QuickPowerWash program can wash 5 kilograms of laundry in 59 minutes. You can also use the SingleWash program to wash single items in no time.

Tough Stains Removal

Kids seem to always find creative ways to get their clothes dirty. That is why it is advisable to invest in washing machines with special features for tough stain removal.

With Siemens | WM16Y892AU | front loading washing machines, you will not need chemicals or manual pre-treatments to clean tough stains. These washing machines come with a stain removal programme that can clean 16 stubborn stains. Whether it is a food, grass, or red wine stain, the stain Removal feature knows how to clean it precisely.

Adding Items Mid-Cycle Option

How many times have you started a wash cycle, just to realise you forgot to add a sock or a t-shirt? You do not have to worry about that anymore. With the reload function in Bosch | WAT24261AU | front load washing machines, you can add or remove any item you want, even during the wash cycle.


Your large Adelaide household needs a reliable washing machine. You cannot afford to get a washing machine that always breaks down or cannot handle heavy-duty laundry. That is why it is worth paying more for reliable washing machines. Choose washing machines from trustworthy, well-known brands.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we believe that high-quality washing machines are essential to large households. That is why we only stock washing machines from the world’s best-known brands at our Adelaide showroom. Our washing machines come from reliable brands, such as Miele, Bosch and ASKO.

When it comes to your family, do not settle for anything but the best. Choose from the best washing machines in the market – visit our Adelaide showroom today!

Need A Morning Pick Me Up? Check Out Our Range Of Coffee Machines!

As coffee is becoming a vital ingredient in our everyday life, coffee machines are getting more and more popular. If you are a regular customer at coffee shops, then purchasing a coffee machine for your Adelaide home is a good investment. Over time, a coffee machine will save you considerable amounts of money. You will not also have to stand in a line every morning for twenty minutes or more to get some coffee.

With the range of premium coffee machines available today, having an old filter coffee maker does not cut it anymore. High-end coffee machines can prepare tasty shots of coffee, just like what you find in professional coffee shops. With only one click, you can make an espresso, latte or cappuccino right at your Adelaide home.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you can find the best range of high-quality coffee machines. We stock coffee machines from the world’s best-known brands, such as JURA, Miele, NEFF and BOSCH. Our coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of features to suit all tastes.


High-end brands design their coffee machines to integrate seamlessly with any kitchen. Built-in coffee machines will give your Adelaide kitchen that smooth look, without cluttering the countertop space. Our Miele built-in coffee machines are available in different finish options to complement your Adelaide kitchen design.

The Miele | 11165420 | Cva 7845 Vitroline coffee machines, for example, come with three bean containers. This enables you to prepare your coffee speciality with the right coffee bean. With an innovative grinder, these Miele coffee machines will provide you with freshly ground coffee for every cup. The DirectWater feature will save you time and effort. With the water connection, you no longer have to top up the water container. If you have friends or family visiting, use the Pot function. It allows you to prepare up to eight cups at a time.


If you are looking for lighter, easier to move coffee machines, you can choose from our benchtop range. You can put these anywhere in your Adelaide house. Our JURA coffee machines will add a touch of elegance to any room.

JURA coffee machines are for people who will not settle for anything less than perfect. Their highly automated benchtop coffee machines are super-fast and easy to use. To prepare a wide range of tasty coffee drinks, all you have to do is just select from the clear LED display. The ultra-quiet grinder ensures your coffee is optimally ground and always fresh. These coffee machines brew your coffee using a high-pressure system to extract more aroma and flavour.

At our Adelaide showroom, you will find all the coffee machines plugged in and ready to be tested. To help you choose, you can sample every single type of coffee our coffee machines can make.

Enjoy a professionally prepared tasty cup of coffee at the comfort of your Adelaide home. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!


Building a New Home? Follow This Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide!

Kitchen appliances are a significant purchase. They will turn your new Adelaide kitchen into a fully functioning one. That is why you should choose kitchen appliances that will make your household chores go smoother and faster.

With the wide variety of kitchen appliances on the market today, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your Adelaide home. Here are a few tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse:

Choose the Right Size

Before you go shopping for kitchen appliances, you should know how much space you have to work with. You do not want to end up with a substantial side-by-side refrigerator that takes up the whole area of your small Adelaide kitchen. On the other hand, if you usually bake in the microwave, then you should choose one that has enough room for your favourite baking pans.

Cooking Style

Cooking experts have serious expectations when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Many prefer using gas or induction cooking appliances to electric ones. However, chef-grade cooktops and ovens come at a higher price. The extra cost will be worth it for you if you are going to use all the unique features that come with it. On the other hand, if you do not do a lot of cooking, then you should choose something more basic.

Door Inspection

Fridge doors, come with many options for your new Adelaide kitchen. They can open to the left or the right side. There are also refrigerators with two doors. If you do not focus on this detail, you could end up with a fridge that opens on the wrong side. That is why you should not only consider the look of kitchen appliances. Choose appliances that are practical and functional for the design of your Adelaide kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances Styles

Of course, the appearance of your kitchen appliances does matter also. They are going to be some of the most visible items in your Adelaide house. Today, kitchen appliances come in a wide variety of colours and patterns to suit the interiors of every kitchen. Choose appliances that accentuate and complement the design of your Adelaide kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are still a popular choice for homeowners, followed by black or white appliances.

Repairs and Maintenance

Never buy kitchen appliances, without asking first who will repair and service them. Choose an appliance that comes with convenient, local after-sale services. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we are warranty agents for all the products we sell. Our factory-trained technicians can repair your kitchen appliances inside the warranty period.

If you want to purchase the best kitchen appliances in South Australia, visit our Adelaide showroom. We stock the best range of high-quality kitchen appliances. Many of our appliances are plugged in and ready to be tested by you.

Get the right kitchen appliances for your new home, visit our Adelaide showroom today!

How to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean!

People think dishwashers are self-cleaning. However, just like other appliances in your Adelaide kitchen, dishwashers too, need to be kept clean. Over time, food particles, soap residue, and other debris can accumulate in your dishwasher. You might even find a couple of lost utensils in there. That is why dishwashers need to be cleaned from time to time.

Here are a few valuable tips to keep your dishwasher clean and working at its best:


Remove Food Particles Off the Plates


To ensure your dishes will come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, you need to remove any food residues first. You do not need to wash the dish completely before putting it in the dishwasher. Just scrape the plate. Any food particles left on a plate can get on the other glasses or dishes in the dishwasher. Food remnants can also accumulate at the bottom of dishwashers over time. 


Clean Out the Door Seal


Grossness loves to grow in damp places like the door seal of dishwashers. That is why the rubber gasket around your dishwasher’s door should be regularly cleaned. To avoid unpleasant build-ups there, you need to wipe down the door seal with a damp cloth every time you unload your dishwasher.


Rinse Out the Dishwasher Trap


Another place many people neglect to clean in their dishwashers is the trap. It is located under the lower sprayer of your Adelaide dishwasher. All the fallen debris and food particles that were not drained out are usually collected there. The trap could be removed entirely in most dishwashers. Clean it thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of debris.


Run an Empty Cycle


To remove any food particles or residues, you should wash your Adelaide dishwasher thoroughly once a month on a hot intensive cycle with good quality dishwashing powder such as our Power of 4 Dishwashing Detergent.  This will break down any residue such as grease, fats and oils and flush it out of your machine.


Consider Your Water


Hard water means the water is rich in minerals, such as calcium and lime. For dishwashers, this means spots and stains on your glasses and dishes. Over time, hard water can also damage dishwashers. It leaves residues inside the hoses, pipes and other attachments of the dishwasher.

Adelaide is known for having hard water. To protect your dishwasher, you can use our Power of 4 Descaler once every three months. It removes any residues caused by hard water and makes the stainless steel inside your dishwasher shine more.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we stock the best range of high-quality dishwashers. All of our dishwashers come from the world’s best-known brands, including Miele, ASKO, and Siemens.

Come and test everything yourself. All of our dishwashers are plugged in and on display at our Adelaide showroom. Visit Adelaide Appliance Gallery today!