Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Therefore, it makes sense that you would only want the best from your appliances.

Starting out in 1877 as a stove and oven factory in Southern Germany, NEFF has now become one of the leading kitchen appliances brands in the world. With NEFF appliances, you will enjoy tremendous convenience and the ultimate control in your very own kitchen.


Knowing that every user has different cooking styles and techniques, NEFF offers a wide range of cooktops. Induction cooktops, however, are the most popular choice amongst NEFF cooking appliances. They are equally responsive as gas cooktops and also very easy to clean.

The FlexInduction feature allows you to place your pot freely on the cooktop. It will be automatically detected, and the heat will be applied under it. NEFF’s TwistPadFire dial gives you full control over the cooktop. This removable magnetic dial is easy to use. Just place it in the centre of the control area and move by tilting it towards the zone you want to activate. Once the zone is activated, all you do is twist to choose the power setting you want.

If you have an island bench with nothing overhead, NEFF appliances have the perfect cooking solution for it – a FlexInduction cooktop that come with downdraft ventilation. It has all the features of a NEFF induction cooktop, but with ventilation in the middle to remove any steam or smells.


These NEFF appliances will enhance your daily cooking experience. The iconic Slide&Hide oven door can be tucked in smoothly under the oven baking area. It enables you quick access, taste or to watch over your dishes, without risking getting burned from the hot oven glass.

With the innovative VarioSteam technology, you will be able to cook food that is moist inside and crispy on the outside. Thanks to the CircoTherm technology, you will be ready to cook, roast and bake simultaneously on the multi-levels of the oven, without the different flavours intermingling together.

Additionally, NEFF ovens can also be self-cleaning. NEFF appliances with Pyrolytic technology use very high temperatures (around 500°C) to incinerate any food residue on the oven walls and turn it into ash. A simple wipe with a damp cloth afterwards will leave your oven clean again.


All NEFF appliances are designed with cookaholics in mind. That’s why the most bubbled-over oven dishes or caramelised grill pans will come out of NEFF dishwashers perfectly clean. With the Varioflex baskets, you will be able to put any type of tableware and cookware efficiently in the dishwasher. All NEFF dishwashers have AAA ratings for washing, drying and energy performance. They use less water in the average cycle than what could have been used washing by hand.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom, we stock the best range of NEFF appliances. Many of them are plugged in and ready to be tested by you. We also organise NEFF Cooking Sessions to experience lunch with NEFF and see the NEFF appliances in action.

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