Investing In An Schweigen kitchen Rangehood

If you’re curious and wondering why you need a silent rangehood in your kitchen, you have come to the right place! Let us introduce you to the beauty that is the range of Schweigen Kitchen Appliances on display at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, specifically the Silent Rangehood Line.

Schweigen is a proudly Australian-owned brand and is a recognized leader in designing kitchen rangehoods. Schweigen kitchen appliances not only provide efficient rangehoods, they also make sure that the product you are getting is state-of-the-art, classy, and is made suitable for every Australian home. There’s a complete display of Schweigen kitchen appliances at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery available for you to see and try for yourself.

Why You Need a Rangehood in your Kitchen

Yup! You heard it from us: Cooking can get really smelly. Can you imagine coming home to strong, pungent odors stuck in your whole house? If you’re going to try and beat that smell with air fresheners… Well, good luck with that! The worst part is, smelly foods such as fish and steak leave their smell in all your soft furnishings.

A good rangehood from the Schweigen kitchen appliances will be able to swiftly remove those smells out of your house. Guaranteed!

A trusty rangehood, the ones made by Schweigen kitchen appliances, is also beneficial in extending your kitchen’s lifespan. With such an appliance, you will be able to keep your kitchen’s furnishings and paint in mint condition for a good amount of time.

But, there’s a catch. A rangehood can get pretty annoying due to the amount of noise they make. But don’t let that worry you, Schweigen Kitchen Appliances has the solution for the nasty noise.

Behold! The Schweigen Kitchen Appliances Silent Rangehood.

Schweigen Silent Rangehood

Stylish and silent–this is what you will be getting for every Schweigen Kitchen Appliances Silent Rangehood purchase.

The Schweigen Silent Rangehood is the newest and the most innovative among the line of rangehoods currently available at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

The Schweigen Kitchen Appliances Silent Rangehood line ticks all of the things that makes a rangehood great:

Removes airborne grease
Removes combustion products and fumes
Takes care of smoke, odors, heat, and excess steam from the air.
Beautiful design

How Does the Schweigen Silent Rangehood Work?

Schweigen Kitchen Appliances made careful considerations to bring to you nothing but the best technology in their silent rangehoods.

How does it work? The secret lies in the motor placement.

The Schweigen Kitchen Appliances Silent Rangehood is your new silent worker in the kitchen, having its motor placed outside of the house instead of it being part of the appliance inside. The technology is similar to that of a split-type system air conditioner.

Made with powerful German engineering and the elegance of European aesthetics the silent rangehoods have the strength to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Designed to be a stunning design statement in any kitchen, choose from Undermount, Wallmount, Ceiling Cassette or Island rangehoods in a range of motor power options to suit your cooking needs.

Why Choose a Silent Design?

When you buy the Schweigen Kitchen appliances’ Silent design, know that you are not buying an ordinary rangehood. You are buying a rangehood that will make cooking and preparing your food more pleasurable and more enjoyable… Noise free!

A rangehood so innovative and efficient, you’re going to be saving yourself from kitchen repairs for years to come. Having an efficient rangehood from Schweigen Kitchen appliances added to your kitchen will help extend your kitchen’s lifespan!

Styles of Silent Rangehoods

Schweigen kitchen appliances offer you a whole assortment of silent rangehoods to choose from. Varying from the wallmount, to the ceiling cassette, undermount, and the island mount. Whichever you are deciding to go with for your kitchen you’re sure to get the brand’s promise: German-engineering, beautiful craftsmanship, and innovative kitchen solution that’s both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.


Schweigen Kitchen Appliances designed Alba to be noticed. Having been intricately engineered with glass and steel, the wallmounted rangehood is sure to catch a person’s eye.

Ceiling Cassette

There’s a few models for the Schweigen kitchen appliances’ ceiling cassette style. Choose from Paradigma (modular and comes in 2, 3 or 4 individual panels), Surface or Inart 4M, you’ll find one that will fit your minimalist kitchen design.


Represented by the model Catalonia, the undermount is designed to fit in your kitchen in the most oblivious way.
The Catalonia from Schweigen kitchen appliances – Adelaide is hidden from your plain view and is installed underneath your kitchen’s cabinetry. In every way perfect for a fully integrated type of kitchen.

Island Mount

The Island Mount style maybe bulky, but don’t let the bulkiness intimidate you. Schweigen Kitchen Appliances ensures its patrons that the ISODRIVE technology is also embedded in this model.

Still undecided? Come visit our store and let our experts at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery help you out. Be sure to also check out the rest of our offerings for the Schweigen Kitchen Appliances at our website for all of your kitchen needs.

We also run monthly cooking demonstrations in the Schweigen Kitchen on display in our showroom. Visit the events page for more information.