Cleaning products are essential for our daily lives. Without them, our home appliances will not be able to clean our laundry or dishes. All cleaning products contain chemicals that help improve their efficiency. However, some of these chemicals could be harmful to your appliances, fabrics and even your skin. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we do not just sell high-quality home appliances. We are also passionate about making your Adelaide home more functional and convenient. Our Power of 4 exclusive range of cleaning products will give you the best results. It will also extend the life of your appliances.

Our over forty years of experience in home appliances made us aware of their durability, especially washing machines and dishwashers. We found out that many of the cleaning products in the market today do more harm than good. That is why we created our Power of 4 cleaning product range.

The Power of 4 cleaning product range includes :

  • laundry powder
  • low allergy laundry powder
  • laundry liquid
  • ultra concentrate
  • delicate wool wash
  • sanitiser softener
  • dishwasher powder
  • rinse aid
  • glass Kleen
  • steel Kleen
  • descaler
  • water softener salt


Here is why you should switch to Power of 4 cleaning products:

Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Cheap cleaning products cause harmful build-ups within your dishwasher or washing machine over time. These usually lead to drum breakage and erosion of working parts. It will cost you thousands in repairs.

To save yourself all of these costs, you should start using our Power of 4 cleaning products. They will get you the best cleaning results. Most importantly, they will save your appliances and extend their lives as long as possible.

Kinder on Fabrics and Skin

Our Power of 4 laundry powders, liquids, and softeners are gentle on all types of clothes. Their low suds formula is guaranteed to give you the best cleaning results, even in colder temperatures. It contains enzymes that help remove tough stains, such as blood and grass. That is why the Power of 4 detergents are the best option for both front and top-loading washing machines. 

For people with sensitive skins or allergies, we recommend using the Power of 4 detergents. They do not contain fragrances and other chemicals that can cause skin irritations.

Savings in the end

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we only stock the highest quality of home appliances and cleaning products. We believe that the price you pay for quality now will save you a lot of money shortly. Cheap cleaning products will harm your appliances, your skin and will not even get you the best results. However, with the Power of 4 products you are guaranteed to get what you have paid for.

Get the best cleaning results and save your home appliances. Visit our Adelaide showroom today or make an online order through our website now!