Like everything else Swiss, Jura is not just a coffee machine. You are actually getting high performance, precision and of course, beauty that complements any kitchen design. A Jura coffee machine gives espresso the professional quality and sophisticated edge it needs.

This Swiss company turned the science of machine-made espresso into an art. That is why Jura is one of the most sought after brands amongst coffee lovers. The numerous technological features, sleek, simple designs and quality materials made Jura coffee machines top of the line.

Aroma+ Grinder

This technology aims to grind whole coffee beans into espresso grounds quickly, quietly and gently. It is designed to give you the precise grind you want. The Jura | GIGA 5 comes with double everything. It contains two electrically adjustable ceramic burr grinders, two bean containers and a dual boiler system. It can brew two specialty drinks simultaneously and independently.

Claris Filter System

Every Jura coffee machine has self-cleaning technologies that prevent scaling and powder build-ups. The CLARIS system filters out minerals, making Adelaide’s hard water gentler on the working mechanisms of your Jura coffee machine. This saves the heating element of the coffee machine from potential damage.

Energy Save Mode

When your Jura coffee machine is not in use, you can use this feature to save up to 40% of energy output. The energy save mode is integrated into most Jura models. It allows you to customize the energy output settings of your coffee machine.

Fine Foam Technology

Through this technology, the milk is frothed twice, creating a professional quality, compacted foam. It also adds a creamy, sweet consistency to the delicate foam. This is the main upgrade that gives the Jura | E8 model an edge over the Jura | E6.

Pulse Extraction Process

The pulse extraction technology is one of the main features that sets a Jura coffee machine apart from the competition. It all lies in managing the hot water levels and pumping it through the coffee grounds, according to the type of coffee you choose. Optimizing the coffee extraction process gives your coffee a richer taste. The Jura | E6 was the first Jura coffee machine model to incorporate the P.E.P fully.

TFT Display

With just a press of a button, this display enables you to select the drink, your Jura coffee machine will prepare. Just like in the Jura | S8 full-colour touch screen that comes with options to save and personalize drink selections for multiple users.

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