Does doing the laundry feel like a never-ending chore that you just cannot escape?

Most washing machines on the market today are designed to adapt to your Adelaide home and family’s needs. However, with all the different types and options in washing machines, how can you decide which one will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle? Several factors can guide you through:

Available Space

The size of your Adelaide laundry room is one of the most important factors that should influence your decision. Washing machines that are equipped with dryers are the perfect choice for small Adelaide laundry rooms. This two in one combo will save you a lot of space.

Drum Size

When it comes to the capacity of washing machines, larger does not necessarily mean better. It all depends on the amount and type of garments you usually wash. For example, if you have a large Adelaide household, 8kg or 9kg washing machines will best serve your needs.

Wash Programs

Many of us have fallen victims to our washing machines. They have either shrunk or ruined some of our favourite garments. If you are used to sending your delicate out to professional Adelaide laundry services, then choose washing machines with delicate wash programs to save yourself all of the dry cleaning costs. Some delicate washing settings claim to be even gentler than washing by hand.

More Features

Some washing machines have unique settings that will perfectly adapt the laundry chore to your Adelaide family needs and lifestyle. That’s manufacturers going the extra mile for you!

Allergy Wash Program – Asko | W4086c.W.Au

These stunning 8kg washing machines from ASKO come with a range of 21 different wash programs to give all types of materials the adequate care and treatment they need.

These washing machines also include an ‘allergy’ setting to answer the needs of people with sensitive skin. This specially designed wash program will effectively remove any dirt, micro-organisms and detergent residues that can irritate your skin.

Delayed Start – Miele | Wdb 030

These Miele washing machines will provide you with well-planned laundry care so you can fit the laundry chore into your busy schedule. With the delay-start washing timer, you will be able to determine when the next wash will start. You can postpone the start timing up to 24 hours.

This way, you can control the washing to be finished when you come home from work. It will also be ideal if you want to make use of the night-time electricity tariffs.

Odour Removal System – Siemens | Wm14w790au

These washing machines from Siemens use active oxygen marks to purify almost any kind of contamination even from sensitive and non-washable fabrics. This revolutionary sense fresh system has two intensity levels, 30 and 45 minutes, to effectively remove any odours or germs.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, our team knows everything about washing machines and can help you make the right choice for you and your household. Just call us or visit our Adelaide showroom today. Let one of our friendly staff help you find the most suitable washing machine for you!