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Three Types of Oven at Adelaide Appliance Gallery

We carry these three main types of ovens in their stores: electric, free-standing, and pyrolitic. Choosing which among these can be quite overwhelming so, we’ve broken down the features and pros of buying a specific type.

Electric Ovens

Canadian inventor, Thomas Ahearn received the first patent for the electric oven in 1882. His invention of the electric oven later on used commercially by the Windsor Hotel in Ottawa around 1892. Since the late 1890s, countless innovations have been made to realize the ovens that we are familiar with now.

When buying an electric oven, one must be wise to look at the energy efficiency rating. After all, these ovens are going to use electricity to cook food. The European Commission suggests that electrical appliances that at least have an “A+” rating saves you more money in the long run than those that received only a “D” rating.

It’s a good thing that the NEFF B17CR32N1B Oven received an A+ rating in terms of energy efficiency. Not only that, this 71-litre oven priced at less than AUD 2,000 has 12 heating methods including an easy clean program that is perfect for the energy-smart Adelaide family.

Free-Standing Ovens

Free-standing ovens offer much more freedom than the electric ovens. Not only are they movable, but, they are usually an all-in-one cooking appliance.

The free-standing ovens we have an online offer you the flexibility of using either electric or gas or both (as some models have the dual function) when you’re cooking your favourite meals. The best thing about this is the many colours that some of our brands are offering.

If you’re a fan of the colour red, we’d like to suggest the Scandium SCU900R 90cm freestanding oven. This beautifully painted oven in red enamel has 5 burners that make use of heavy-duty cast iron trivets, a middle burner for your big woks, a storage compartment for your pots and pans, and a child-lock safety that prevents it from being accidentally turned on.

The beautiful Scandium all-in-one oven comes in different colours. Just ask one of the experts here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery to help you find which Scandium oven is right for you.

Pyrolitic Ovens

The word pyrolytic sounds so techy but, what is a pyrolytic oven, anyway?

A pyrolytic oven is the techiest among these types of oven because of its self-cleaning mechanism. In order for the oven to do this, it raises its temperature to about 500’C. This extremely high temperature is able to scorch the leftover food debris, grease, and any other residue by turning them into ash.

By the time this ‘self-cleaning’ process is complete, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the ashes away. Spending lots of time cleaning your oven will be a thing of the past, thanks to this pyrolytic technology.

If you fancy yourself needing this latest feature, ask our in-store representatives about the ASKO OP8687A Pyrolytic Multifunction Oven. We have it on display in the Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom.

This Scandinavian-designed oven features up to 87 cooking programs among which are your personal cooking settings, simultaneous cooking on all three levels, a pre-installed probe for those who love cooking roast meat on Sundays, and a fully extendable telescopic rack.

The ASKO Pyrolytic Multifunction Oven, will not only help you save time in terms of cleaning but in terms of cooking as well. A pre-saved favourite setting for baking your cake? Now, that’s convenience!

Still can’t decide?

Aside from these ovens we featured, there’s a whole load more of ovens you can choose from both online and in-store. Check us out today by visiting us online or by dropping by to visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom at 155 Payneham Road, St Peters.