If you have a two-storey home in Adelaide then you will need to ensure that your kitchen rangehood is up to code and in line with the Construction and Installation Standards that are maintained in Australia. Luckily for you, we also offer installation servicecs so we can help you choose the right rangehood and ensure that it is installed safely into your home. So what is the right rangehood for your two-storey home? Let’s look at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery range.

The Ideal Range Hood for a Two-Storey Home

Consider the Basic Safety Standards

Before we guide you through the many range hoods currently available on our website, let’s brush up on some of the most basic safety standards in Australia when it comes to range hoods.


A common mistake people make when installing range hoods is that they measure their distance from the floor. Instead, the Australian standards actually require that range hoods to be at least 650mm from the top of the cooktop, rather than from the floor for indoor installation. Whether you have an electric-powered cooktop or a gas cooktop, range hoods are to be installed 650mm.

The distance from cooktop to the range hoods change to 700mm when the range hood is to be installed outdoors.

Where to install the Flue

When it comes to directing the flue away from the kitchen, you can’t just request your builder or installer to have it vented within the ceiling. The Australian building code states that the flue must either be directed outside or re-circulated within the home. Aside from this, it is important that ducts are created and installed properly in case of a fire.

The distance from the cooktop as well as the direction of where flue is meant to go is two of the most important safety measures to consider before looking into buying range hoods for your two-storey home.

That said, let’s take a look at the range hoods currently available at Adelaide Appliance Gallery:

Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are easily distinguishable by the vent hanging from the ceiling. For kitchens with cooktops that are situated on an island bench, installing an island range hood is the most ideal as it can quickly whip away cooking smells and smoke from directly above the stove.

Miele DA6708 D Aura Island Décor Range hood

Out of our range hoods selections, Miele DA6708 has the most updated look. Instead of having a huge vent attached to the actual hood, Miele has made the DA6708 streamlined and sleek.

The Miele DA6708 model received a grease filtering efficiency class B which means that this range hood’s filtering system is classed as extra efficient. This minimalistic range hood works by filtering the air and re-circulating it back into the kitchen. This means that the Miele DA6708 fits the Australian standard of re-circulating the flue back into the kitchen.

With the filter working double-time, the Miele DA6708 won’t leave your house smelling of food. This wonderful range hood is equipped with an intelligent filter indicator which lets you know when the active charcoal filter needs to be replaced.

Ceiling-mounted Range Hoods

A Ceiling-mounted range hood looks like the island range hood, except with one difference: Ceiling-mounted range hoods are installed closer to the wall. Both the island and ceiling-mounted range hoods are installed overhead, this means that installers should ensure that these range hoods are installed at least 650mm from your cooktop.

Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

Another type of rangehood we stock are Ceiling Cassettes. These are much different to the standard rangehood and instead fit seamlessly to the ceiling much like a light fitting. The modular design, such as the Schweigen CC-PARA4S Paradigma Modular Ceiling Cassette Rangehood is silent and has 4 speed levels to help clear the air while cooking. It also has LED lighting and a 10 year motor warranty. Schweigen are also the only brand that can offer a ceiling cassette rangehood with an externally mounted motor.

Undermounted Range Hoods

Unlike the previous types of range hoods that are obviously seen, undermounted range hoods are installed inconspicuously and are usually hidden by cabinets. These types or rangehoods use touch controls to stop grease and fat entering the circutary. They also use permimeter aspiration which creates a venturi affect allowing for more airflow. We love the Schweigen KLS-9GLASSBLKS 90cm Undermounted Rangehood, as it uses the Silent Isodrive System and fits stylishly under cabinetry.

Wall-mounted Range Hoods

Wall-mounted range hoods differ in terms of its installation. Wall-mounted hoods are stuck directly to the wall and are usually compact and do not require additional cabinetry, unlike the undermount range hood. This type of range hood often has a vent included and the flues are directed through the ducts in an exterior wall at the back of it.

Asko CW4951 90cm Wall-Mounted Range Hood

This awesome range hood from Asko may look small but it most certainly delivers.The Asko CW4951 has a powerful airflow boost of up to 760 m³/h and spans up to 90 cm, perfect for a 5 burner cooktop. It has 3 filters made from aluminium and also includes a grease filter indicator, that lets you know when its time to clean it up. The filters are also dishwasher-safe, which means you can just pop it in the dishwasher and go.

Another feature worth noting about the Asko CW4951 is that it has an auto-shutoff feature. This feature not only allows you to save on electricity but also saves you from any electrical problems. With its features, contemporary design, and retail price of just about $ 900, the Asko CW4951 might be the range hood you’re looking for!

Silent Range Hoods

The last of the range hoods we have on offer here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery is the silent range from Scheweigen. These sleek models allow you to cook the smelliest food and whip away the smells in silence. We have their range on display in our showroom so you can see just how quiet they are. Schweigen are the leaders in silent technology and are also the only brand that have ceiling cassets and motors mounted externally. Our team are expert trained in the Schweigen range and are more than happy to go into more detail during a demonstration.

You can always rely on our helpful team to assist you in finding the best range hoods for your two-storey home. We are here from the product consultations to installation and to after-purchase warranty and assistance. Adelaide Appliance Gallery is committed to fulfilling our promise of supplying you with only the best appliance for your Adelaide home. Be sure to drop by our store at Payneham Road or send us a message online with our chat feature.