Choosing the Best Oven

There are hundreds of different types of ovens in the market and finding the right fit for your home, budget and lifestyle can be a little tricky. Single or double, gas or electricity, built-in or freestanding,  self-cleaning or not? The options can be endless!

In fact, we understand it can seem overwhelming to make this decision. Between the wide range of fuels, sizes, and styles, features–it’s an information overload, especially when you’re a first-time buyer.

You want everything to be perfect, and for a good reason. That’s where we come in. Having been around since 1973, we at Adelaide Appliance Gallery have the expertise to help you pick the right oven for your lifestyle and cooking needs and can teach you how to maintain your oven so it lasts you as long as possible.


Which style should I choose?

The first decision is to determine what style of oven will best suit your needs. This will involve looking at your kitchen to see what can fit and considering your cooking style. For example, if you enjoy cooking a large turkey at Christmas then you will need a bigger oven, but if you rarely cook in your oven then a space-saving model will be better. We have a huge range of ovens in our showroom on Payneham Road in Adelaide including the following varieties.

Single Oven

As the name suggests, single ovens feature only one oven space. These types of products are excellent in kitchens that are tight on space or for small families which don’t require more than a tiny oven. Two styles complement this kind of ovens: built-in and built-under.

Double oven 

The first thing to understand about double ovens is that they are not transferable–meaning you can’t move them around easily, so you will need to think about the rest of the kitchen décor and layout before making the purchase.

Built-in oven 

There is an element of convenience when it comes to integrated ovens because you won’t need to bend down, hit your knees, or have your glasses fall from your head when retrieving hot foods. They can be fitted seamlessly into your cupboard configuration and make it easy to access and safer for children due to the height.

Built-under oven 

Elegance is what built-under stoves are meant to offer you, as they are a subtle integration which sits alongside your kitchen cabinets.

Electric or Gas? Which fuel should I choose?

Electric fuelled ovens

This type has seen an increase in popularity over the years. We’re not surprised considering their even heat distribution, at least in comparison to some of the other gas options.

Nowadays, many professional cooks and food enthusiasts prefer this type of fuel for cooking dishes at a more accurate temperature, ensuring that the results follow safe and reliable roasting, grilling, and baking procedures.

Gas fuelled ovens

This type of fuel has been around for generations, and there are many advantages to it. For example, gas ovens are incredibly cheap to run and offer a responsive and quick heat.

The process is guided by hot air circulation from a flame or gas burner located at the rear of the base, making it suitable for cooking all types of food. Because of their popularity, there are many oven styles to choose from, single or double– you name it!

It’s also easier to stay with the gas option if you don’t want to go through the expense or hassle of switching to electric. No need to worry, these products are reliable!


Is self-cleaning the feature for me?

Many of the new ovens come with a self-cleaning feature to make maintaining your oven easier and take the stress of scrubbing built up grime out of every crevice. There are a few different types of self-cleaning features including:

Easy-clean enamel –the least expensive and least complicated option, this process involves using a wipe to clean the enamel surface. The enamel repels grease and grime allowing it to be cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

Steam cleaning –steam cleaning involves adding water to a dish located at the bottom of the oven – which then heats, creating steam that loosens and cleans dirt and grime.

Nano-cleaning –this feature involves a coating found on the oven door, designed to repel dirt.

Catalytic liners –it has a cool name and won’t force you to do any work. In fact, catalytic liners involve a unique surface which absorbs spills from cooking foods; while temperatures over 200°C will help break down grime and other stains.

Pyrolytic cleaning –this option has an integrated program that heats the cavity to high temperatures of around 500°C, which burns off grime or dirt that you can then just wipe away.


The Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom on Payneham Road is packed-full of a huge range of ovens, many of which are operational. Come down and see them for yourself and we can run you through the many differences to find the perfect oven for you. We also offer monthly cooking demonstrations so you can sample the food too!