Life is too short to be washing up constantly -buying a dishwasher means that you can say goodbye to squeaky rubber gloves and wasted time spent washing your grimy dishes by hand! Because the market is already oversaturated with products, we have comprised a small guide to help you find the best dishwashers on the market, and more specifically, the best dishwashers in Adelaide.

Wouldn’t you prefer sipping a warm cup of tea on the sofa rather than having to wash and dry dishes –especially after spending copious amounts of time slaving away on dinner? Well, you’re not alone. Should you need more of an incentive to shy away from this arduous task, it might surprise you to know that washing up by hand is wasteful, as you could be saving precious H2O and money spent on water bills. If you’re already sold on the idea of buying a high-quality dishwasher, the question remains which dishwasher is best for my home?


What to consider when buying a dishwasher


As previously mentioned, washing up by hand can raise the overall water consumption, sometimes by ten more litres. When we speak of efficiency, we also mean energy rating –including washing and drying performance. As a general rule of thumb, products which are A+AA-rated are the most efficient, costing a mere 11-15 cents per cycle. Now that’s a bargain! Let’s not forget about the fact that dishwashers use steaming hot water which can make plates and bowls even cleaner and bacteria-free. As you know, Adelaide does have quite expensive electricity so spending a little bit extra on a more efficient machine will go a long way!


Budget is an essential determinant of value for money. However, it’s important to remind yourself that a high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. In fact, some products we’ve tested cost around $900 and are not as efficient as some at the $250 price point.

Ultimately, it will depend on the features you’re looking for –full-sized or compact, basic or multiple washing cycles and even overall design. Your budget should complement your ability to compromise on specific features, especially when it comes to higher-end models. For example, some dishwashers are designed using an auto-sensor which detects how dirty your dishes are –adjusting its washing program in accordance to that. Remember to always read independent product reviews for guaranteed quality.

Design and style

There are two main types of dishwashers you can choose from: freestanding and integrated. The latter category can seamlessly fit into virtually any kitchen, especially since it will make the space look more streamlined. In comparison, freestanding dishwashers are out there to be admired, and you can opt for the stainless steel or white color option. It’s important to acknowledge that although the slim line of dishwashers is more pleasant on the eye, it won’t be able to fit as many dishes as the full-size products, for obvious reasons.

Available programs

This is probably the most exciting and difficult choice you’ll have to make when it comes to dishwashers. There are quite a few options to choose from, and we will highlight a few of the important ones:

Child-safety lock

For apparent reasons, you’ll want to ensure that your child won’t be able to open the dishwasher while in use.

Adjustable upper racks

This aspect is crucial because it means you will be able to adjust the height of the frame to fit larger dishes –ultimately making your life so much easier than trying to stick plates into a small gap.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Higher-end dishwashers can connect to the Wi-Fi using a smartphone –meaning you’ll be able to control your new toy remotely.


If you’re looking for the best range of dishwashers in Adelaide then look no further! Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a full range of working dishwashers on display and are happy to walk you through the features and provide advice on which dishwasher will best suit your needs.