For years, Schweigen has been the choice of interior designers and architects seeking intelligent kitchen solutions. The powerful German engineering combined with the elegant, stylish European design make Schweigen the perfect rangehood. Any Schweigen rangehood, whether under-mount, wall-mount, island or ceiling embodies both form and function.


As an Australian owned family business, Schweigen is familiar with the harsh weather conditions of Australia. This enables them to create rangehoods built to work perfectly in that climate.

German-Manufactured And Engineered

The famous Schweigen rangehood silent motor system “Isodrive” is German engineered and built to last. Manufactured with quality and precision, Schweigen guarantees its performance and reliability for years to come.

Silent System

It is not just a coincidence that “Schweigen” means silent. These rangehoods are exclusively quiet in operation, thanks to Schweigen’s revolutionary Isodrive motor system. This patented rangehood solution takes the fan and motor out of the Schweigen rangehood and mounts them outside.

Inside the kitchen, the only sound you might notice is the airflow being pulled through the filters and ducting. The sound of the motor outside is overwhelmed by the ambient environment.

Powerful Extraction

A Schweigen rangehood is not just silent, it is also quite powerful. The Isodrive motor system is designed to pull the air rather than push it up against gravity. This enables a Schweigen rangehood motor to operate more efficiently.

With less airflow resistance, the Schweigen rangehood concentrates all of its power on its primary purpose; extraction. That is why a Schweigen rangehood can effectively remove heavy cooking steam, smoke, grease and unwanted odours.

Three Times More Energy Efficient

Schweigen produces the most energy-efficient silent exhaust systems in Australia. A Schweigen rangehood can operate very effectively with the least amount of energy.

As the air is pulled through the Schweigen rangehood rather than pushed, it uses a mere 57 watts to deliver high powered tasks. A traditional rangehood will require roughly 190 watts or more to perform the same job. That is about three times more energy.

Complete Ventilation Solutions

To cover all of your ventilation needs, Schweigen has extended its silent Isodrive range to cater for double-storey buildings or apartments. The motor can be installed into an external wall.

Ducting Included

With Schweigen, purchasing a rangehood has never been easier. Every Schweigen rangehood package includes a custom acoustically matched ducting kit comprising of quality, fire-resistant materials.

Filter And Motor Warranty

Schweigen baffle and mesh filters are easy to remove and safe to clean in your dishwasher. They also come with a Lifetime Warranty. All Schweigen Isodrive motors also come with a full 10 Year Warranty.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we stock the best range of Schweigen rangehoods. Many of our appliances are on display in our Adelaide showroom. Once there, our expert sales team can help you choose the right Schweigen rangehood for your kitchen.

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