Buy A New Washing Machine?

Whether you’re looking to wash off your boy’s muddy soccer clothes, or whether you’re searching for a brand new energy-efficient washing machine that will cut down on your expenses, it’s hard to know what the best option is when faced with a variety of white boxes featuring confusing labels and specifications.

To make life easier we at Adelaide Appliance Gallery have selected the top things to bear in mind before making your choice.

Size and loading options

When talking about size, we mean that you need to pay particular attention to width and height, as there’s nothing worse than a shiny and exciting new piece of equipment which won’t fit into your allocated space. Unless you want to take the laundry to pieces, ensure that these two measurements are well thought, leaving a couple of inches on each side as well.

Ideally, pick a washing machine that fits as close to flush with counters and other fittings –leaving you enough space to fully open the door and feel comfortable with moving things around. Alternatively, should you struggle due to limited ground level space, top-loading machines will make it easier, as they are narrow and don’t have a front door –great for ensuring that young children won’t smack themselves in the face when curiosity sets in!


Varying washing programmes are designed to support different size loads. For example, a wool wash will be half of the cotton weight wash. Whatever you choose, ensure that clothes can shift about a little; otherwise, they will end up clumped together and possibly not as clean or fresh as you had initially intended.

Overloading your machine beyond its specified capacity will not only result in poorly washed clothes but you will also wear out your machine faster than intended, so always be realistic when choosing your drum capacity. We have a worn out drum on display here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery and we can show you the real effects of poor machine use and how to avoid it.


Pre-washing features and other conventional settings are standard in the washing machine world. However, if you are looking for more advanced options, there are baby clothes, black colour, sports cycles, and other programmes that might peak your interest.

An excellent unit will also allow you to choose the ideal temperature, ranging from ranging from 90 °C with the cotton settings to the “cold” option, which is broadly known as around 15 °C. Additionally, if you’re a single working professional, you might also want to consider a half-load washing machine, saving you energy, time, and the hassle of its inconvenient weight when moving house. Half-load units are often labelled as “eco”, especially since high-end ones automatically adjust the amount of water, the temperature, spin speed, and other features needed for the load. Yes, half the job is done for you!

Our range of washing machines is complemented by our custom made line of washing powders called Power of 4 – come and see us in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom to see why you should consider making the switch to Power of 4.

Spin speed

Many people like to use high spin speeds because they are under the impression that you are cutting down on drying time, whereas others prefer damper laundry which isn’t wrinkled more than a Shar Pei puppy.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the faster the spin speed, the noisier the unit. This means that if you have a young family or a newborn baby, you might want to purchase a washing machine that will still allow you and your loved ones to get the rest you deserve instead of worrying about the unit staggering across the floor. When talking about standard spin speeds, we are referring to a range of between 800 and 1200 rpm, although 1800 rpm machines are also available on the market.

Other factors, such as the machine’s design or the way it’s been installed, can affect how much water is being dried off from the clothes. Of course, nothing that is higher-end comes without a premium, as once you reach the above 1200 rpm mark, the machine is likely to start breaking the bank. Consider the fabrics you are putting in the washing machine as well, drain settings, and any extra bits and pieces you might be interested in.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a full range of brand new washing machines on display and are happy to walk you through all of their features and benefits for your home! There are many, many options to choose from and with a little information from you we can find the exact machine to fit all your needs.