The average Australian consumes about 340 litres of water per day. This is a large amount of scarce water. That is why you must think of ways to use water more efficiently. An excellent place to start is changing how you do your laundry. 

Ordinary washing machines can use up to 180 litres of water per load. Fortunately, this has changed over the past few years. Water-saving washing machines can drastically reduce the amount of water you consume. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we stock a wide range of water-saving washing machines. These are not only more eco-friendly. They will also help you reduce your overall Adelaide household expenses.

Water and Energy Savings

Unlike conventional washing machines, this new generation consumes much less amounts of water for every load. It uses only sufficient water to get the clothes wet enough to wash. This will not only save you money on your Adelaide household water bills. Lower water levels require much less energy to heat.

The Siemens | WM16Y892AU water-saving washing machines earned 4.5 Energy Stars and 4.5 Water Stars (WELS). They consume about 73 litres of water per wash. The precise i-Dos system measures the exact amount of needed detergent. It will save you on both water and detergents.

These washing machines come with the waterPerfect feature. It helps optimise the machine’s water intake, based on the load of clothes inside. 

Larger Load Capacity

Water-saving washing machines come with no or much shorter agitators. These are the plastic posts placed in the middle of conventional washers. That is why water-saving washing machines have larger drum space to accommodate more clothes. 

The Miele | 11005990 | Wcr 890 Wps 9Kg washing machine has a 5-star energy rating and 5 stars WELS water rating. They require about 63 litres to wash nine kilograms of clothes. With the PowerWash 2.0, these machines can wash up to forty per cent more efficiently than expected for energy efficiency class A+++. Even small loads can be washed more efficiently. The innovative Spin and Spray washing technology consumes very low water levels. Consequently, less energy will be required.

More Powerful Cleaning

Saving water and energy does not mean sacrificing cleaning power. Water-saving washing machines offer a more concentrated clean. It penetrates deeply into the fibres of the fabrics. They will also produce less suds than traditional washing machines. Suds make it harder for the clothes to move inside the washing machine, leaving the clothes dirtier. 

The Bosch | WAT24261AU has a 4 Star Energy Rating and 4.5 Star water rating. It also has a foam detection system to remove excessive foam. 

In the long run, water-saving washing machines will bring the water and energy bills of your Adelaide house down. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, many of our laundry appliances are plugged in and ready to be tested by you. To find the best water-saving washing machine for your household, visit our Adelaide showroom today!