It could be hard to believe, but using water-saving dishwashers are actually the eco-friendly choice compared to hand washing the dishes. Newer dishwashers use water and electricity more efficiently. They will actually save your Adelaide household on electricity cost. 

Make the greener choice and start using dishwashers. They are eco-friendlier, here is how:


Save Water


Many people think dishwashers waste more water. However, trying to clean a load of dishes in the sink will consume around 60 litres of water. Efficient dishwashers, on the other hand, can cut the water waste to as little as 11 litres per load. It will save your Adelaide household around 14,000 litres of water per year.

The new efficient designs of dish racks provide optimal exposure of your plates and utensils to the water. Consequently, dishwashers will require less water to get them cleaned. Some dishwashers have sensitive technology that can detect how murky the water has become. If the water is cloudy, the dishwasher will add a little more clean water and then test again. This incremental water increase process will repeat until the water is clear. 

The Miele | 10470960 dishwashers have a sensor wash programme that can use as little as 6.5 litres of water. With the EcoFeedback feature, the dishwasher will display the estimated water and electricity consumption for the wash programme you select.


Save Energy


An even harder-to-believe fact is that water-saving dishwashers can also decrease your Adelaide household electricity bill. Think about it. You need hot water to wash dishes by hand. Some new dishwashers have heaters inside them. They can warm up the water more efficiently than conventional water heaters. Energy-efficient dishwashers can use less than half of the electricity required to wash the dishes by hand. 

The Bosch | SMV66JX01A dishwashers have very low-energy and water consumption. Its HeatExchanger feature uses the residual heat from the primary wash cycle in rinsing and drying the dishes. It will save energy while also providing optimum drying results.

The automatic program of these dishwashers assesses how soiled your dishes are and adjust the required time and temperature accordingly. The revolutionary ActiveWater system uses every single drop of water to the maximum. That is why these dishwashers are amongst the most resource-efficient in the world.

To get the most water and electricity savings of your dishwasher, try to wash only full loads. Also, try to load your dishwasher correctly. If you cannot fill up your Adelaide dishwasher once a day, you can run a rinse cycle, until you have a full load. 

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