The Siemens dishwasher that’s just right for your needs

Siemens is a powerhouse brand based in Germany that is known for its products and services including market-specific solutions. Siemens also delivers impressive appliances for your home to offer you smart solutions for taking care of your laundry, making you coffee, cooling your food, and washing your dishes.

So what makes Siemens dishwasher range stand out? It starts with ‘tech’ and ends with ‘nology’.
The Siemens dishwasher range is embedded with the latest technology from its aesthetically pleasing modern looks to its extraordinary state of the art ideas to make washing dishes an experience that is no longer mundane. By giving you extra clean dishes in the shortest time, the Siemens dishwasher range is a testament to the company’s ethos.

Depending on your specific needs, Siemens dishwasher has made sure that you’ll be getting the best washed dishes ever, thanks to their iSensoric, iQ7000, and Zeolith Drying Technology.

iSensoric technology

Let’s be honest, who really has got the time to actually wash dishes? In this day and age where everything is running faster than Usain Bolt or Roadrunner, standing by the sink to wash your dishes is a waste of time. Time is of the essence! With the Siemens dishwasher range’s iSensoric technology, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Siemens is lending their consumers a helping hand through the iSensoric technology. This innovation allows the Siemens dishwasher users to do other things other than wash dishes by making sure that their software and sensors are working together at peak performance.

Thanks to this technology, you can simply leave your dirty dishes inside the Siemens dishwasher and the iSensoric technology will take care of the rest. It will set for you the right amount of water, temperature, and cycle load times to ensure that you’ll get squeaky-clean dishes and glasses each time.

iQ700 Built-in Dishwasher

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that’s both fast and efficient, then the Siemens is offering you the iQ700 built-in dishwasher range.This Siemens dishwasher range loaded with the iQ700 technology has what they call the ‘varioSpeed Plus’ option. With varioSpeed Plus, your dishwashing time is reduced by 66%, that’s 66% off of your power consumption every time you use your Siemens dishwasher. Not only are they fast, but the Siemens dishwasher will always pop out your dishes clean and dry.

Zeolith Drying Technology

The Zeolith Drying Technology is a registered trademark of the Siemens dishwasher range that converts humidity into heating energy for the most delicate and powerful drying setting.

This technology utilises the minerals called zeolites and these minerals are contained at the bottom of your Siemens dishwasher. During the wash cycle they are heated up together with the water and when it’s time for the dry cycle, these little guys let go all of the heat that they stored up and also suck in all the moisture from the air inside the dishwashing machine. The zeolites will retain this moisture until your Siemens dishwasher’s next wash cycle. This provides you with up to 20% less in power usage versus all the other efficient dishwashers that’s out in the market today.

Types of Siemens Dishwasher Designs

Siemens is graciously offering two main varieties in terms of the design of their dishwasher range: Built-in Siemens dishwasher and Freestanding Siemens dishwasher.


The built-in Siemens dishwasher range is designed to be both invisible and noticeable. This is classified into three:


If you’re going for a highly minimalist design in your abode, we suggest that you take the fully-integrated built-in Siemens dishwasher. This is designed to be elegantly unnoticed until utilised. Control elements are only seen when you are ready to interact with it.


Invisible yet noticeable, this is the name of the game for the integrated type Siemens dishwasher. The integrated line of the built-in dishwasher is also inspired by a minimalist design, however, the buttons are more showy.

Built under

Finally, the built under model isn’t going with the rest of its companions whose approach is minimalism. These models are meant to stand out in your kitchen boasting their modern and futuristic design; still, a great addition to your kitchen!


The Freestanding Siemens dishwasher range has two options you can choose from: (1) full-sized and (2) slimline.
The freestanding Siemens dishwasher range is great for people who are always on the move. They’re very easy to set-up and install. Not only is this line offering mobility, but it also carries the programmes necessary to make your dishes come out clean and dry with each use.

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