What are you looking for in a dishwasher? You want a reliable dishwasher that ensures your dishes will be clean and sparkling every time. Practicality is also essential; everything should have its place with minimum effort.

A Siemens dishwasher will provide you with all of this, in addition to its innovative features that will make washing the dishes a much easier task. By purchasing a Siemens dishwasher from Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will be getting much more:

German Engineering

All of Siemens appliances are made using the latest German technology. The focus on manufacturing high-quality appliances with outstanding innovative features and timeless design makes Siemens one of the best home appliances brands in the world. It ensures you will be getting a reliable, long-lasting dishwasher that will give you great value for your money.

5-year Warranty

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, every Siemens dishwasher comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some Siemens dishwasher models, such as SN236I01JA and SN436S01JA, come with an additional 10-year rust-through warranty for the inner-tub. Adelaide Appliance Gallery is a fully certified warranty agent for Siemens.

Built-in Dishwashers

If you are looking for a discreet Siemens dishwasher design that will smoothly blend in with the rest of your kitchen, then a built-in dishwasher is the best choice for you.

The Siemens built-in dishwasher has a front panel that matches your kitchen cabinets and the control and display buttons located on the top edge of the dishwasher’s door. It will be practically invisible in your kitchen!

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have fully integrated Siemens dishwashers, such as the SX678X11TA and SN657X01MA models. Additionally, you will also find semi-Integrated Siemens dishwasher models, like Siemens SX578S01TA and Siemens SN557S01MA.

Freestanding Dishwashers

Whether next to other appliances or standing alone, these attractively designed Siemens freestanding dishwashers will look great anywhere. The freestanding Siemens dishwasher will provide you with more flexibility to opt for a full-size dishwasher (60 cm) if you usually wash large amounts of crockery and cutlery.

You can find Siemens full-size freestanding dishwasher models, such as the SN236I01JA and the SN257I01MA, at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

Hydrodry Hygienic Drying

The SN278I01TA Siemens dishwasher will get your glassware to sparkle and shine as if it was washed and dried by hand. With the Glass 40º programme, even delicate glasses will be cleaned gently.

Thanks to the unique Zeolith® drying technology, your dishes will be dried fast and efficiently. This machine uses zeolite natural minerals that are capable of absorbing the humidity inside the dishwasher and transform it into heat.


This is the quietest, fastest and most durable brushless motor ever built by Siemens. You will find it in the SN478S01TA and the SN257I01MA Siemens dishwasher models.
By remaining cool and eliminating energy loss, this frictionless drive will also cut your energy costs.

All of these Siemens dishwasher models and more are on display at our showroom. So visit our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom to test everything yourself. Contact us to help you decide which Siemens dishwasher is the most suitable for you and your family!