At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we believe that appliances are the next best thing since the invention of sliced bread. We can’t imagine living without our appliances! That said, we’re listing out the five most essential white goods every home in Adelaide needs.

But first, let’s learn a little history and figure out why we’re still calling our appliances as white goods.

Why do we say ‘White Goods’?

White goods’ is a typical British English term for large electrical goods used either domestically or industrially which are typically painted in white enamel colour. This is also used as a way to differentiate this type of electrical goods from brown goods, that mean personally used appliances.

Through modern industrial innovations, these white goods are no longer just available in white. These electrical goods can now come in a variety of colours ranging from black, grey, steel-finish, to even the more exciting of colours in red or yellow!

Despite the modernisation of these appliances in terms of colours, the term white goods has carried on to stand as a term for any major home appliance which can be classified based on their functionality into either: refrigeration machines, cooking machine, washing and drying machines, and heating and cooling machines.

Through modernisation and industrialisation, these white goods have become an important commodity for every home.

Five Essential White Goods for your Home

It’s crazy just how modern times can be so demanding. Our work and personal lives can be so stressful, that the last thing we’ll all need is the inconvenience brought about by not having a machine to help us out with our house chores.

Below, we’re presenting you with the five most essential white goods that we believe every homeowner in Adelaide must have: fridge, dryer, washing machine, stove.

Stove: NEFF Flexinduction Cooktop

Our ancestors created fire by utilizing the power of friction. These days, friction is still necessary to spark the flame in gas stoves… However, due to continuous advancements in our technology, we have created white goods powered by electricity.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have different kinds of stoves that you can choose from. Choose among our selections of stoves that either makes use of the traditional gas to the more modernised electrical stoves.

For the more modernised Adelaide home, we’d like to offer the NEFF Flexinduction Cooktop in 60CM with a total of 17 power levels, a Potboost function for all of its cooking zones, power-management and a childproof lock.

We can only imagine the delicious dishes your family will enjoy cooked using this very modern white good!

Fridge: Bosch French Door Fridge-Freezer

Another kitchen innovation that we believe every home in Adelaide should have is the fridge.The fridge is among the white goods available for sale at Adelaide Appliance Gallery. Whether you like your fridge with a two-door swing, the freezer at the bottom, or if you’re looking for a fridge for your own store’s use, each of the models we carry is considerate of your budget and your cost-saving efforts.

For your cost-saving needs, we recommend the BOSCH French Door Fridge-Freezer. With this unit, you’ll save energy from opening your fridge door to get you a nice, cold glass of water through its external water dispenser. It also boasts a massive 250-litre freezer capacity fit for a royal family!

Washing Machine: Miele 7KG Washing Machine (WDB 030)

Another essential white good that we think your home ought to have is the washing machine.Of course, this is something, you can live without if you can handwash your way through a mountain of dirty clothing!

Having a washing machine is like having an extra hand to help out with cleaning around the house. Even if you choose the models that don’t carry the dryer function, the necessity of having a washing machine is just undeniable.

Adelaide Appliance Gallery would like to recommend the Miele freestanding, 7KG capacity washing machine. This model (WDB 030) is perfect for the independent woman (or man) or for a small family that’s just starting out. At less than AU$2,000, this powerful machine is quiet with its Profieco brushless motor, cold connect for clothes that are sensitive to hot water, and a 12 wash programs for all of your washing needs.

This Miele washing machine will be the little assistant to help you clean even your most delicate piece of clothing.

Dryer: Miele 7KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (TDB 130 WP)

Not properly dried clothes produce a nasty, stinky odour that when put in the closet just gets worse. We’re all familiar with this smell and the wise solution is to get a powerful dryer to take care of this stink.

We have three different types of dryers at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery that our patrons can choose from–Condenser dryers, Heat Pump Dryers, and the Vented Dryers. All of which packs an impressive drying capacity.
We suggest that you pair off your Miele Washing Machine, with another Miele Dryer with a 7KG capacity. This cute little dryer is among the most affordable white goods in our range of dryers.

However, do not let the affordability fool you! This Miele dryer boasts 12 drying programmes along with a pre-ironing function, a LED drum lighting with an 8-star energy efficiency!

Together, the Miele Washing Machine and the Miele Dryer is your one-two punch in taking care of your laundry.

Dishwasher: ASKO DFI643 Fully-integrated Dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of the white goods you’ll never know you needed! The dishwasher is neat for all of the on-the-go people who do not have time for dirty dishes. Let’s be honest, who has time to do the dishes, anyway?

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we understand your love for interior design. We carry a line of ASKO dishwashers perfect for the Scandi-inspired interiors which you carefully curated in your Adelaide home. The Scandi design movement is all about making use of minimalism and natural finish. That said, we have the perfect Scandi-inspired from the ASKO Dishwasher line and that is the ASKO DFI643 Fully-integrated Dishwasher.

This dishwasher has a big capacity at 82cm and is loaded with tons of features from the trademarked Super Cleaning System + (SCS+), to the Sensi Clean™, down to the steel baskets that are guaranteed never to rust.

With this dishwasher, you’re not only purchasing the convenience of having such a machine, but you’re also buying the quality and the technology plus the aesthetics of Scandinavia.

White goods at Adelaide Appliance Gallery aren’t just your traditional white. We have ones that will answer for your every home need, from brands you’ve trusted and will come to trust.

Visit us online or drop by at our in-store gallery at Payneham Road and experience why Adelaide Appliance Gallery is your leading appliance supplier.