Kitchen Rangehood

Whether you’re remodelling or building a new home from scratch, you have probably have some idea of what your new kitchen will look like. Granite kitchen bench? Open plan? Island induction cooking surface? But what type of rangehood will you choose to sweep out unwanted kitchen smells?

Rangehoods come in many varieties and are equipped with different features and styles to accompany your imagination and design sense. Whether you are interested in lavish designs or functionality, we can help you choose between ducted and non-ducted options –all within your price range. Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we are proud to offer a collection of working rangehoods on display to show you the differences between several models. Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing your rangehood.  

Ducted or Non-Ducted

Narrowing your search will mean choosing between ducted or non-ducted rangehoods. Often this choice will depend on whether you have access to the inner ceiling.  

Vented models can easily connect to ductwork already existing in the ceiling, managing to pull air and smoke out of the house. This means any cooking smells will be quickly swept out of the kitchen and blown directly outside.

If you do not have access to ducting then a ductless rangehood capable of filtering grease, smoke, and steam away from the stove or the kitchen will be an easier option to install.


Airflow & Filtration

When it comes to ducted kitchen rangehoods, the greater the airflow, the faster the inbuilt fans can ventilate and extract carbon dioxide through their filtration system. Ultimately, the rangehood you choose will depend on your unique and individual household needs, and there are some examples that may help you out.

If you’re a seasoned cook of grilled meats, opt for rangehood models that have excellent airflow –measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), around 400 or more. Alternatively, you should note that there are mesh and charcoal filters that are both reusable and washable, and they are highly efficient and safe as well.

Here are two excellent rangehoods that have been named as some of the best available in today’s marketplace:


BOSCH 70 cm Integrated Rangehood

Whether you are building a small and tight kitchen, or you’re planning an open-living kitchen, BOSCH’s Integrated Rangehood is excellent for offering the optimum volume of air for kitchens of all sizes. Featuring a sleek and seamless design this unit uses an extraction rate of 730 m3/h, ensuring a consistent and pleasant ambience for you and your family.

The rangehood is equipped with halogen lighting for providing optimal and energy-efficient illumination of whatever cooking method you’re employing.

Worried about loud sounds that may wake up your little ones? The BOSCH integrated rangehood is one of the quietest products on the market, at only 63 dB, allowing for a convenient and quiet cooking –both for you and your family.



Featuring the ability to be installed in your cabinet, the EGC7USS rangehood is designed to seamlessly fit into your modern kitchen, allowing for a clean and clear-cut look for your rangehood. Everything about this unit is made for your convenience, and with the use of the soft touch button system, you can manage all available controls –clean air function, 15-minute timer, lighting capabilities, and the 3-speed air function.

Equipped with an almost-professional extraction capacity of around 850 m3/h, the EGC7USS has both the power and strength that you would expect from this Italian product giant. Another feature that you might be interested in is the ability to place the cassette filters in the dishwasher –allowing for a safe and secure cleaning process.

We are also proud to house the largest range of Schweigen appliances in Adelaide and have their exclusive collection of rangehoods on display upstairs. Schweigen are the technological leaders in rangehood design and functionality offering a range so quiet you won’t even notice it’s working!

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a wide variety of rangehoods to suit your kitchen needs and are happy to walk you through the features and benefits! Visit our St Peters showroom today.