Nowadays, kitchen appliances come in all shapes, forms, and options. You will get overwhelmed, trying to shop for your Adelaide kitchen. To stay focused, concentrate on what counts most – stovetops – the appliance any Adelaide kitchen cannot function without.

Stoves are an indispensable part of any kitchen. More than a hundred years ago, the introduction of a gas stove has completely changed the way we use our kitchen forever. Over the years, these cooking appliances have come a long way. Today, they come in three main types: 


Gas Stove Tops


Gas will always remain a preferred option for cooking experts. Its rapid response time and precise heat control make it an excellent choice for your Adelaide kitchen. Gas stoves offer the exact low heat you need to bring something to simmer. To bring water to a boil, gas stoves can also provide powerful heat-ups immediately. 

The gas flames will also distribute the heat evenly across the base of your cookware. Compared to electric stovetops, gas cooktops will get the food cooked faster. Nowadays, gas stoves come with sophisticated safety features, such as flame-failure cutouts. 


Electric Stove Tops


No one can deny how sleek and stylish ceramic electric stovetops are. They will add a contemporary look to your Adelaide kitchen. Their smooth surface also makes it easier to clean. Electric stovetops also have excellent heat-ups. However, they are not as efficient or effective as induction or gas stovetops.

Electric stoves come with excellent safety features, such as residual heat indicators. These warning lights will indicate when the stovetop has cooled down to a safe temperature. 


Induction Stove Tops


As with gas, induction cooktops have superb heat-ups. To be more efficient, the heat is applied just to the cookware. Induction stovetops use a magnetic field to heat up the base of the cookware only. The temperature control of these stove tops is also exact. 

The efficiency, flexibility, and variety of innovative features made induction stovetops very popular in Australian kitchens. Safety is also a great advantage of these stovetops. The surface does not get as hot as electric or gas cooktops. Induction stovetops heat-up only to transfer energy to your cookware. 

High-quality stoves are essential to your Adelaide kitchen. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom, you will find the best range of high-quality stovetops. If you want to see our stovetops in action, you can attend one of our free, live cooking sessions. There, you will get to taste the food cooked on our stove tops.

Our wide variety of stove also includes combination cooktops. They have combined gas and induction stovetops in the same unit to give you the best of both worlds. We also have stovetops with integrated range hoods. With this innovative downdraft ventilation option, you will not need an overhead range hoods. 

Become a master chef at home with the right stovetop. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!