The best advice on which appliances to get for your new home. We tell you when to save and splurge with the best kitchen appliances from Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

Buying a new house for your family can be one of the most exciting and joyous times in your life. It can be stressful, but, it’s one of the biggest milestones that you and your family will unlock. Sure you’ve found the perfect home, but if you’re having trouble looking for the appliances to make your new house more comfortable to live in, here’s our expert advice with the ultimate guide to buying kitchen appliances for your Adelaide home.

#1 Cooktops and Ovens

When we think of the kitchen, we immediately think of cooking. We love our food most when it’s freshly cooked hence, putting the priority on getting a reliable cooktop and oven.

Before buying these heating kitchen appliances, you must first consider whether you need a built-in or the normal freestanding range. Another thing that you have to consider when buying a cooktop or an oven is the functionality that it will offer. While you can save some money buying a cooktop that has an integrated oven, this type can be small and might not fit bigger pans if you’re an oven-heavy user.

When to Save: If your only priority with having a cooktop and an oven is having your food cooked and don’t mind not having additional features, you can get a gas cooktop with oven range. It gets the job done without hurting the wallet.

When to Splurge: Our experts at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery suggest that splurging on this kind of kitchen appliance is okay, especially, if you want more features added to your normal cooktop and oven. If you value safety above all, safety features (child-lock, still warm, etc) could well be something that you can splurge on. After all, each family member’s safety is among the things that we have to prioritise at home.

Buying Tip: If you want to save on buying a good cooktop and an oven, try sticking to just one cooking source. Adelaide Appliance Gallery has a wide variety of cooktop and oven that uses gas, electricity or a hybrid of the two.

#2 Fridge

Another kitchen appliance that your Adelaide home should have is a fridge. A great fridge is something that you can rely on to keep your food cold and safe to eat the next day. Additionally, a great fridge should have enough space for all of the food that you’re planning to store.

When to Save: If ensuring that your food is cold and safe is your only concern, then you can get the freestanding refrigerators that have a top freeze bunker or the side-by-side refrigerators.

When to Splurge: An integrated refrigerator will set you back a few more dollars. However, if you wish to make your kitchen look completely seamless, then an integrated refrigerator is for you.

Buying Tip: When buying a refrigerator, always consider the amount of space that it will take up in your kitchen.

#3 Dishwasher

A wildcard among the kitchen appliances that your Adelaide home must have is a dishwasher. Many of us think that having a dishwasher can be counterproductive when it comes to saving. The preconceived notion is that the dishwasher will use more water and more energy compared to just washing dishes by hand. This can be true if you’re just going to wash a plate or a glass on their own. However, if you belong to a huge family, the value and savings that having a dishwasher comes in.

When to Save: If having a freestanding dishwasher doesn’t bother you, you can definitely save more by going for these models. A built-in dishwasher will incur more costs especially since you will need it connected to power, water, and drainage lines.

When to Splurge: One of the best features of the newer models that the Adelaide Appliance Gallery just completely appreciates is the silent type dishwashers. Buying a quiet kitchen appliance will make you shell out a few more dollars, but if you don’t mind doing so to not disturb your family’s peaceful sleep then be ready to shell out some 20% more in cost.

Buying Tip: If you’re looking for a quiet dishwasher, look for the decibel ratings. The lower the number, the quieter it is.

Final Verdict

Now that we’ve covered the most essential kitchen appliances for your fresh Adelaide home, we suggest that you carefully consider the measurements of the kitchen that you’re trying to stock with kitchen appliances. Knowing the measurements of your cooking playground will help you gauge how much money you will be spending on your new toys– aka kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances are considered investments. As with any other kind of investments, careful considerations must be made before purchasing. Our final words before buying your kitchen appliances for your new (or current) Adelaide home: Know your priorities. By doing so, you will be able to set a ceiling to whichever kitchen appliances you’re purchasing.

If you need more help in gauging each kitchen appliance’s features or if you need assistance in actual fitting out of your new kitchen, we offer expert help and services from installation to maintenance, Adelaide Appliance Gallery is your one-stop-shop for all your kitchen appliances needs. Check us out online today!