Recent movements in interior design have made use of and taken inspiration from minimalism and Scandinavian lifestyle (or Scandi, for short). Both design movements circle around focusing on simplistic designs without sacrificing functionality.

You can now bring home the Scandi experience with the ASKO Dishwasher Range from us here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

ASKO: Built to Last Longer

ASKO is a brand of home appliances that started out in the 1950s. The brand was established by Karl-Erik Andersson, whose primary goal then, was to build his mother a washing machine like no other. Karl-Erik’s efforts won him his mother’s approval and was his inspiration to share his creation to the rest of the world.

Today, ASKO remains highly recognized. The brand has earned recognition from different Australian and international award-giving bodies. Among the said recognitions received were from Australia’s most prestigious Good Design award in 2015, and the international Red Dot Design Awards in recent years for design, functionality, and quality.

In fact, the ASKO Dishwasher range received recognition from the Red Dot Design awards in 2011, for the great “design meets functionality” featured in the ASKO Dishwasher range D5424 and D5434 models.

ASKO has carried on its brand promise of using more steel with less plastic in the legacy of the ASKO Dishwasher Range. Minimising the use of plastic ensures that every wash will remain hygienic and will remain in its original colours thanks to the stainless steel that will never rust.

ASKO Dishwasher Range

If you browse the available ASKO dishwasher range at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you might notice that the external finishing isn’t limited to just white or black. Scandi design features a lot of natural finishing either in wood or in natural stone, which is also carried by the ASKO Dishwasher range.

Aside from the looks, the ASKO dishwasher range carry features which helped them continue to become recognized in the international appliances scene. The key features that every ASKO dishwasher range has are Crystal Glass Care™, Flexi Racks, Instant Lift™, and the Super Cleaning System +.

Crystal Glass Care™

Never worry about your glassware with ASKO dishwashers. ASKO has carefully considered your expensive glassware when they made the Crystal Glass Care, a trademark design only from ASKO dishwasher range.

With the Crystal Glass Care™, your champagne glasses will be safely cradled in the state-of-the-art racks especially made for the delicate wares.


Maximise cleaning capacity with the use of FlexiRacks, another feature you can take advantage of when you buy any of the available dishwashing machines from the ASKO Dishwasher range.

ASKO designed FlexiRacks for the ASKO dishwasher range make sure that loading and unloading dishes will be effortless. With the large and versatile trays, ASKO dishwashers will assist you in cleaning even the largest of pots–perfect for families who love eating together.

Instant Lift™

Another trademark feature of the ASKO Dishwashers is the Instant Lift™.

InstantLift™ takes away the difficulties of trying to fit in your dishes and pots inside the dishwasher. With the ASKO dishwasher range, its users are given the freedom to adjust the height of the top bunk of the trays thereby, freeing more space! All made possible through the simple operation.

Super Cleaning System+

Thanks to this innovation of the ASKO dishwasher range, you can stop pre-rinsing your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher!

The Super Cleaning System + (SCS+) is an intelligent feature of the ASKO dishwasher range that will allow you to save your most precious resources–time, water, and electricity. Through the SCS+, dishes undergo a pre-wash cycle in the machine. After the pre-wash, the machine then cleans itself before the main wash happens. In this manner, dishes are made extra clean during the main wash because the machine itself will be clean and free from the food debris and washed with clean water.

Built-in vs Fully-Integrated: Which one Should I Get?

At the Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we’re giving our customers the luxury to choose from two different installations of the ASKO Dishwasher Range. Even though these two lines have differences in terms of its installation, the functionality, finesse, and the elegance in design will be present in either. If torn between the two, consider buying a design that will fit your household needs.

Built-in ASKO dishwasher range will allow their users to have the machines fit-in seamlessly into their kitchen’s vacant space without sacrificing the design of the kitchen. Users will also have free access to the controls of the dishwasher, but, thanks to the ASKO Dishwasher Scandi look, your kitchen will remain fabulous even with the presence of a dishwashing machine.

A fully-integrated ASKO Dishwasher is designed to be hidden from the kitchen’s view. Despite the discreteness it offers, ASKO’s dishwasher design features won’t be ignored. Hide it under the countertop or right behind a cabinet, whichever way works, the fully-integrated ASKO dishwasher will do its job of making sure you’re still living the Scandi’s style of living with ease.

If you want to see more of the ASKO dishwasher ranges, be sure to drop by the Adelaide Appliance Gallery online and in-store. See to appreciate and get on the hype of the Scandi-inspired lifestyle.