Dishwashers and Laundry Appliances in Adelaide

Siemens is a world-known brand praised for its modern feature designs and innovative ideas for making life easier. Whether you’re looking for dishwashers to help with the chore of scrubbing your evening dinners away, or whether your current laundry appliance has let you down in the past, we at Adelaide Appliance Gallery have at least one solution for each of your problems.

Thanks to practical functions such as foldable flip tines, height-adjustable parts and more, you’ll be able to host stunning parties without the headache of the after-mess.

Modern dishwasher designs

You may have heard people talking about how Siemens’ dishwashers can fit into any kitchen. Well, in this case, it’s true, an impressive characteristic taken from Siemens’ book of magic tricks. Featuring slimline models of around 45 cm for compact homes, 60cm for average households, or even bigger dishewasher options there is something for everyone.


iSensoric dishwashers

Thanks to interacting sensors, a wide range of Siemens dishwashers have the ability to control the washing and drying process of plates –adapting water temperature, cycle time, and even water consumption. In addition to the innovative temperature sensor, some higher-end dishwasher models can even monitor how hot or cold the water is using a beam of light. Yes, you’ve heard right, dishwashers with a beam of light!

For busy families forever on-the-go, the Home Connect option gives you the chance to remotely connect to your dishwasher, allowing you to wash the dishes while going out and enjoying life’s more exciting activities.


Siemens Laundry Appliances

When it comes to Siemens’ laundry appliances, you’ll be in for a treat. The words comfort, performance and energy-efficiency are all applicable to their range of innovative washer and dryers. Here are some features which you can expect:


iSensoric Technology

iSensoric is the sensor-controlled technology which allows you to enjoy a variety of highly automated features –exploring the otherwise untapped potential of your stunning Siemens home appliances.

The best part: most Siemens laundry appliances are equipped with either an i-Dos or sensoFresh option, which analyses each fibre of the laundry and then identifies the optimal washing program for them.



An outstanding design is a much-needed feature for any savvy and design-conscious homeowner. With better ergonomics, improved systems, and handle-free doors, there are is a lot to explore using the intuitive multiTouch LED display. A Siemens washer or dryer will be the perfect compliment to your laundry design.


Self-cleaning System  

As if there weren’t enough incentives to spark your interest, higher-end Siemens laundry machines come equipped with a self-cleaning condenser which measures the amount of water extracted from the laundry, along with the running time. Yes, nowadays the process of washing your dirty clothes is not only entertaining, but highly scientific too!

Depending on those factors and results, the condenser finds a way to several self-cleaning runs during the drying cycle –for low energy consumptions costs and high-quality performance. Thanks to the innovative sensor-controlled automatic self-cleaning system, you can enjoy a lint-free condenser without spending substantial amounts of hard-earned cash on cleaning products for your laundry.


Wrinkle-free Programs

There is little denying that all entrepreneurs will have at least one prized pair of trousers, a jacket, a suit, or a dress that presents a real challenge when washing. As a general rule of thumb, you may choose to take it to a professional cleaner –but time, money, and other circumstances may stand in your way.

Siemens has the optimal solution: the innovative refresh programme for heat pump dryers. This system removes unpleasant odours using steam while ironing your clothes and making them look fresh and sleek. You will have the benefits of a drycleaner in your own laundry.

We have a huge range of Siemens appliances on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom. Pop in and speak to one of our expert staff members for advice on what appliance will best suit your kitchen or laundry.