We never really think about upgrading our way of washing our clothes. However, your most special clothing pieces ie. your work suits, delicate silken dresses, or your expensive cashmere sweaters need to be cared for in the best way possible.

When we say ‘best way possible’, we mean expert cleaning in the comfort of your home.

The premium front load washing machine brands available at Adelaide Appliance Gallery are ASKO, BOSCH, Miele, and Siemens. Each of these brands has unique features that are all worth checking out:

ASKO: Greener Footprint

ASKO began their operations in the 1950s through its founder, Karl-Erik Andersson. Karl-Erik wanted to build his mother the best washing machine. This success of a small town farmer has lived on through the ASKO washing machines available at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

ASKO is a Scandinavian brand whose focus is to fuse design and functionality. This won them awards in both the Australian and International design scene.

It’s worth noting that the W4086P.W.AU ASKO washing machine received a 5-star rating in terms of energy use, and another 5-star rating in terms of water-saving efficiency. This eco-friendly washing machine also makes use of about 50 grams of plastic that’s totally recyclable!

If you care about making a greener footprint, ASKO is the brand of washing machine for you.

Bosch: Anti-Allergy System

Bosch was regarded as the number 1 brand of home appliances across Europe in 2017, and we’re bringing this award-winning brand’s line of washing machines to every Adelaide home.

The latest innovation in Bosch’s washing machine line is from the Serie 8 Logixx series. The Serie 8 (WAW28460AU) model has the Bosch’s trademarked EcoSilence Drive which means, its machine is powerful and durable without the bothersome noise. This model that’s also currently available online, is proud of its AllergyPlus/ECARF Quality Seal which means it does not only care for your clothes, but for your health as well.

Rated with A+++ in terms of energy efficiency, this washing machine by Bosch is truly a blessing for allergy sufferers and environmentally-conscious individuals as well.

Miele: 2-in-1 Washer/Dryer Combo

Miele’s brand promise is stated as “immer besser”, meaning, forever better. This commitment can be seen even with their washing machine that is available at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

If you live in a home with not much space to spare, you can avail of this innovative German brand’s WTH 130 WPM, a 7KG wash and a 4KG dryer combination.

This washing machine is a compact combination of high-quality washer and an efficient condenser dryer, fitted with the honeycomb drum gentle even for your silken dresses– a washing machine that’s truly perfect for the highly-critical individual.

Siemens: No Wash Odour-Removal

We know Siemens for their phones until the early 2000s, but this brand has continued to provide its consumers with premium-quality appliances.

Siemens is a company dedicated to making great innovations from energy plants, to roads, and to hospitals; this company’s dedication to innovation is designed to provide market-specific success. These powerful technological advancements can be witnessed at your own home for every purchase of any of their appliances.

Have you ever thought that a washing machine can eliminate strong odour from clothing even without washing it with water? Now, you can! With the help of the sensofresh programme featured in the Siemens iQ800 WM14W790AU washing machine, even your leather jackets can be odour-free at the comfort of your own home.

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