More than one in four people in Australia declared how much they loved coffee in a recent survey by McCrindle by saying that they can’t live without it. Now that we’ve established just how much coffee is loved by the nation, let’s take a look at Adelaide Appliance Gallery’s expert opinion on which coffee machine is better? Pods or beans?

Beans Coffee Machine: Pros and Cons

Let’s begin with the classic coffee machine that most people actually prefer– coffee bean coffee machines.

Coffee bean coffee machines are the closest that you can get to your favourite coffee shop espresso. They are versatile and taste exquisitely fresh in every serving. Aside from that, our experts at Adelaide Appliance Gallery can tell you why the coffee bean coffee machine is perfect for your home.

The Pro’s of a Bean Coffee Machine

There are so many things that a professional barista does in order to give their customers the perfect coffee every time. But let’s be honest, who has the time to research what blends are the best and what roast brings the best crema. Thankfully you don’t have to.

If you are truly an avid coffee lover, you can tell that no coffee pod can come close to the genuine taste of freshly ground coffee beans. This advantage can be seen in several of the coffee machines that are on display at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

Another delightful thing about coffee bean coffee machines is that you’ll never run out of fresh coffee to serve your guests and family. With a coffee bean coffee machine, you can get two shots of espresso done at the same time. This is an advantage seen on the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine which retails at $2,099.00 or with the Miele CM 6150 Benchtop Coffee Machine which is priced at $1,499.00. Both of these coffee bean coffee machines have two spouts which can then make two macchiatos at the same time.

The final benefit of a coffee bean machine is that if you want to have the power, you can! With a semi-automatic machine, you can showcase your barista skills to your friends and family or you can let the machine do all the work.

Beans Coffee Machine Cons

Ultimately, two of the glaring disadvantages of buying a bean coffee machine are the price tag and portability.

If budget is a concern then this may put a bean machine out of the running. These machines are generally considered to be higher-end and therefore will cost far more than a basic pod unit. This is because of the technology and their ability to replicate barista-level espresso within the comforts of your own home.

Another not-so-great thing about buying a coffee bean coffee machine is its portability. Some machines can actually weigh a lot and some of are actually built into the kitchen cabinetry of your Adelaide, like the Miele CVA 6805. This model from Miele is designed to blend in seamlessly with your kitchen interiors. Seamless integration, however, is not cheap, and with that comes an increase in the price tag as this model actually retails around $7,000. If you’re looking for a portable and economical coffee machine, then this one may not be for you.

Pod Coffee Machine – Pros and Cons

Brands like Keruig and Nespresso revolutionised barista coffee at home with the invention of the coffee pod. One pod, full of perfectly ground beans and you can enjoy a pretty good cuppa at home.

Avid fans of the traditional way of cooking coffee have criticised genuineness of coffee, however, there are still pros to this convenient machine. Here are some reasons why the pod coffee machine might be the one for you.

Pods Coffee Machine Pros

The outstanding advantage of getting a pod coffee machine is the convenience it gives its users. Unlike the coffee bean coffee machine, the pod coffee machine won’t need a lot of steps for your brew. You just have to pop one pod into the machine and voila! Espresso in seconds.

Pods coffee machine aficionados also like that the preparation of their favourite coffee is much cleaner. Bean machines require grinding and clean-up but with the pre-packaged pods of coffee, there is very little cleanup and zero coffee wastage.

And since the pods are sort of, “pre-packaged” coffee grounds, there’s more consistency to every cup. You can definitely get the same cup of coffee you had on Saturday when you wake up on Monday to go to work.

Convenience, zero coffee wastage, and consistency these are just a few of the reasons why people have been drawn to the pod coffee machine.

Pods Coffee Machine Cons

But, with every advantage comes disadvantages.

Sure, pod coffee machines are cheaper and are more convenient than the bean coffee machines, but the thing that most people do not like about this machine is its non-environmentally-friendly nature. In order for you to get the same coffee every time, the ground coffee is placed in a “pod”, a plastic casing. As we all know, plastics are non-biodegradable which makes these “pods” take 500 years to breakdown.

If you head to your favourite coffee shop, you’ll be amazed at just how many varieties of coffee beans you can see. Your favourite coffee may taste differently when different coffee beans are used, which is not something you can expect from a pods coffee machine. With pods, sure, you can get consistency, but you’ll often be presented with one type of coffee bean. A coffee connoisseur may not have as much room to play with, with a pod coffee machine.

And, speaking of room to play, having a pod coffee machine can hide away the barista in you! Pre-packaged ground coffee is like a microwave dinner. The natural way of preparation is taken away and to some extent, it’s quite insincere to the craft of making coffee.

The Final Verdict

There is indeed a whole variety of different coffee machines in Adelaide that you’ll encounter and what an adventure it would be to find the one that suits your family perfectly.

If you’re more traditional and want your coffee done the way it’s done at your favourite local cafe, we suggest purchasing a fully automatic or a semi-automatic coffee machine that uses ground beans. If you’re looking for quick preparation without the intensive clean up, getting a pod coffee machine might suit your needs better.

If the number of choices has made you stuck with your decision, you can head down to our store at Payneham Road so our wonderful experts can assist helping you find the perfect coffee machine for your Adelaide home. You can also sample a cup for yourself. Adelaide Appliance Gallery is here to supply appliances that suit you, drop by today or check us out online.