With the winter approaching, leaving your laundry outdoors to dry could become more inconvenient. The weather in Adelaide is not very predictable in the winter. It will also take a lot of time for the clothes to dry outdoors, especially if you have a large household. That is why having a perfect dryer is essential.

When it comes to choosing the perfect dryer for your Adelaide household, you should first set your priorities. Some dyers are more energy-efficient, while others have more speed.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pump dryers are more energy-efficient. Unlike conventional dryers, they do not release the used hot air. Instead, heat pump dryers conserve the warm air and reuse it. That is why they are more eco-friendly and cost-efficient for your Adelaide house in the long run. 

 With the Siemens | WT47Y7W0AU | Self-Cleaning dryers you will not have to worry about cleaning the condenser. These self-cleaning dryers automatically clean the condenser several times, during each drying cycle. You will not also have to worry about drying your shoes or pullovers. You can put them in the wool/shoe basket. It is securely hooked into the dryer in a horizontal position and does not rotate with the drum. 

 Another excellent heat pump option for your Adelaide household is the Miele | 11006030 | dryer. They have a filter system that protects the heat exchanger. It will keep the heat exchanger clean and the energy consumption and run time low. For freshly scented laundry, you can use Miele fragrance flacons. They transmit your favourite scent to the laundry, during drying.



 If you have a large Adelaide household and care more about the speed, then standard condenser dryers will be more suitable for you. Heat pump dryers take longer to dry clothes. One of the best dryers for a large Adelaide family is the Asko | T208C.W.AU | condenser dryer. It has an 8 kg capacity. These stylishly designed dryers are also budget-friendly. They are very affordable. With a sensor and time-controlled drying, you can also achieve some energy-efficiency with these condenser dryers. 

To allow even air circulation and reduce creasing and bundling, these dryers have a Butterfly Drying system. This system uses air lift paddles to gently lift and spread clothing. The high-quality stainless steel drum is also constructed to stop clothes from tangling together.


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