Ovens in the kitchen are quite essential, especially if you love to cook. You can bake in them and prepare a perfect meal for your family and friends. However, not many homeowners know how to choose the ideal oven for their needs. 

When shopping for ovens for your Adelaide home, there are many aspects to take into consideration. The type, appearance, brand, and price of ovens are all essential factors. However, the oven size could be the most important and trickiest feature to choose, especially if you have a large family. 

Here are some hints to help you select the perfect oven size for your Adelaide kitchen and family needs:


Oven Sizes


No one can deny that big ovens are ideal for large families. However, when choosing the oven size, you are limited by your Adelaide kitchen space. You want to buy an oven that could fit into your Adelaide kitchen space. At the same time, it should also be large enough to fit your bulky trays and pots.

Ovens are typically 60 cm wide. That is the standard size in most homes. However, 70-90 cm ovens are ideal for big families. 

The Bosch | VBC578FS0 | Series 6 ovens are 90 cm wide. They have an interior cavity of 85 usable litres. These built-in ovens also come with the large baking trays, which can be used, on up to four levels. They can give you perfect baking and roasting results for big roasts or large meals. 

After cooking a large meal, the last thing you want is to clean the oven. Thanks to the Pyrolytic automatic self-cleaning feature, you will not have to worry about that anymore.


Double Ovens


These are two ovens with independent heat and feature controls, which enable you to cook different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Double ovens give you an additional, much-needed cooking space. It could be essential for your Adelaide kitchen if you have a large family and often cook for a large number of people. These ovens could be life-saving when you prepare large holiday meals. 

The Bertazzoni | 120 Cm 6 Gas Burner / Double Electric ovens have the best cavity size in their class. With these 69-litre ovens, you could easily prepare meals for large groups of family and friends. Also, do not worry about your electricity bill. These ovens have an A++ energy rating.

The Multi-level cooking in these ovens is fast and efficient. You can cook a variety of dishes with no flavour crossover. 

High-quality ovens are essential to a well-functioning kitchen. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, our expert sales team is professionally trained in every single kitchen appliance we sell. They will help you find the perfect oven for your Adelaide kitchen. Many of our ovens are on display and plugged in at our store.

See the ovens in action and judge for yourself. Visit our Adelaide showroom now!