Kitchen Appliances

There are many ways to start cooking with NEFF. Whether you wish to delve into their exciting kitchen stories, spill the cookery beans of your food adventures across the globe, or whether you’re merely looking to entertain guests, the brand’s kitchen appliances are all about culinary masterpieces.

NEFF is particularly well-known for its ‘Slide and Hide’ oven door, which slides under the oven cavity for incredibly easy access. There are also multiple other features to mention, starting from the steam cooking options to the pyrolytic cleaning system.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to know that NEFF isn’t a budget option, even if you wish to opt for the most basic offerings the company can provide. Instead, their models and brilliant and intuitive of cooking needs we wish we would have an answer to. In other words, with a high price tag and a focus on intuitive designs, NEFF is a brand aimed at the keen cook who wants to get the most out of their kitchen.

We have a range of NEFF appliances on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom, which we are more than happy to fire up and show you how to use.



When talking about ovens, NEFF separates its units into two categories: ovens and compact ovens. The latter category incorporates small steam ovens, steamers, and even thin microwave ovens. By contrast, ovens come as single, single steam, single microwave oven, or a double oven as well.

One thing is certain: ovens have come a long way since the archaic iron stoves of years long gone. From the humble electric or gas models, you can nowadays have much more than the simple turn on and off option in your kitchen. Of course, our increasingly busy lifestyles mean less time to cook, and NEFF has some ideas. While we can spend hours on end discussing the different features of each, here are some of the main attractions you might be interested in:


CircoTherm System

The CircoTherm System from NEFF features a unique hot air system which allows for both roasting and baking on up to 3 levels!



Kitchen lovers will spend months day-dreaming about their ideal shelving units, the perfect colours to fit their avant-garde décor, and much more. The NEFF EasyClean option is ideal for the day-to-day maintenance of a spotless, shiny kitchen.


Pyrolytic Cleaning

Roasting your Sunday family meals in the kitchen or creating a rich lasagne can bring quite the toll on your oven. Thankfully, there’s no need to let the tray soaking in water for hours on end. Instead, using the pyrolytic cleaning option and make the oven do your work for you.

Navigation through unknown systems can be a nightmare, even for tech-savvy individuals. To make things easier, NEFF offers a generous TFT display with seamless functions and user-friendly navigation.


Induction Cooktop with Integrated Downdraft Ventilation

Shying away from conventional design, NEFF’s induction cooktop with Integrated downdraft ventilation is designed to work in the background quietly –letting you become the master puppeteer pulling strings while still entertaining the guests.

Optimal for inbuilt kitchens, it follows an unobtrusive concept of getting rid of noise, steam, and even odours. Equipped with multiple power levels and intensive settings, you can now serve better quality and tastier food at your fingertips – even if you have less time to cook.


Automatic bean-to-cup coffee centre

No amount of finger-licking goods can ever replace the happiness of your taste buds once you feel the first sip of coffee during an early Monday morning. The NEFF built-in coffee centre uses a double grinder, which allows for extra-strong coffee –without the bitterness aftertaste. It’s a barista right at home in your own kitchen.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a wide variety of NEFF kitchen appliances on display, and are happy to walk you through the features and benefits of each one of them!