Miele Laundry Appliances

Miele is commonly known for their high-end design and industry-leading technology. Here are a few reasons why you could consider a Miele appliance for your kitchen or laundry.

Whether you’re searching for a new tumble dryer, a washing machine, an iron, or a washer/ dryer, Miele offers a high-end range of laundry appliances to compliment your needs and space. These units have a unique integrated technology, which separates them from anything else available on the market.

Appearance and design

It’s hard not to love a brand that doesn’t ask you to compromise between sleek and attractive design and the best technology. Miele offers both, and their laundry appliances come in two design lines: WhiteEdition and chrome edition.


Environmental impact

A large number of customers respect Miele for its long-standing commitment to the environment. To clarify, for more than 110 years Miele has been working to protect our natural environment by outsourcing or creating materials and construction means that allow for environmentally friendly recycling. You can rest assured that you will be doing your bit for the environment with Miele in your laundry.


Revolutionary economy

The innovate PowerWash 2.0 system of Miele laundry appliances allows for cleaning laundry 40% more efficiently than required for energy efficiency class A+++. In fact, the intuitive Spin&Spray washing technology enables a very low level of water to be used, saving energy while heating up. Featuring reasonable running times, even in the Eco programme, great rinsing will no longer come at the expense of your wallet!


Intelligent Detergent system

The automatic dispensing with TwinDos is not only practical but also ensures that you won’t be wasting any of that precious laundry detergent. The UltraPhase 1 and 2 your appliance offers the best laundry liquid dispensing system -dispensing with such precision that it saves up to 30% more laundry detergent than when your little hands do it manually.


Miele Kitchen Appliances

Ranging from conventional, steam, and combination ovens to frost-free refrigeration or wine conditioners, Miele’s range of kitchen cooking appliances offers superior quality. Elegantly adjusting to any lifestyle due to their versatility, Miele possesses the ideal choice for those of you who demand perfection –and nothing less than perfection. Your kitchen will become the feature of your home with Miele.

Sleek lines and smart designs

Miele provides a wide range of stunning lines. The models are made to homogeneously fit in with any kitchen design, offering a harmonious visual impression to all that lay eyes on it. With the choice of having appliances installed vertical or horizontal, the array of options is vast.

The fascia panel of the built-in kitchen appliances is all of the same height. There are numerous customization options available too: a horizontal line-up at eye level or vertically installed to make use of the full height of the room (i.e., T-shape).

Patented surface finish

When it comes to microwave combination ovens, the surface is beautiful stainless steel featuring a linen-weave finish. This patented design is made less sensitive or prone to scratching, while also making it easier for you to clean it. Another impressive feature is the non-stick properties that allow for fewer residues adjacent to the walls of the oven or in the cooking compartment. Miele will help you keep your kitchen sleek and clean.


Longer storage life

Miele offers a vacuum-sealing drawer in which the air and oxygen are extracted from bags. This design allows for the perfect conditions needed for long-time foods storing. Even here, there are multiple choices, with three vacuum-sealing settings available for your ever-changing needs. The first configuration is suitable for delicate foods such as berries, setting 2 for vegetables while setting 3 is ideal for marinated meat.


MultiSteam system

Featuring a 3.3. KW steam generator, Miele kitchen appliances guarantee an even steam distribution, displacing the existing air and filling the oven cavity with mineral-retaining steam. The process ensures that the food looks as good as before starting cooking and that it will retain its flavour, consistency, and stunning natural colour. You will be a chef in your own kitchen!

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