Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom is your one-stop-shop for the best range of high-quality kitchen appliances. We only stock the best kitchen appliances from the world-leading brands, like Miele, ASKO, NEFF, Schweigen and much more.

Our family business started out in 1973 as Mr Dishwasher. Our trusted full range servicing of kitchen and laundry needs to the Adelaide community made our name a South Australian icon. Today, we are Adelaide’s only bespoke white goods service centre. Our service range covers sales, installation, repair, warranty and returns.

Whatever your preferred cooking style is, we have the perfect kitchen appliances for you:

Induction Cooktops

Cook with science! These ultra-fast, brilliantly controllable, easy-to-clean cooktops have revolutionised home cooking over the last decade. They come in every size, shape and with various features.

Induction cooktops combine the benefits of both the gas and electric cooktops. That is why they are one of the most popular kitchen appliances. With the NEFF | T68TS61N0 | FlexinductionCooktop you will have four induction zones, including two flexinduction zones. The flexinduction feature allows the cooktop to automatically detect the location of the pot and apply heat under it.

Steam Ovens

For a healthier cooking style, steam ovens are the best kitchen appliances. Steam cooking injects moisture in your food, without baking out its nutrients. It is perfect for cooking meals that are moist on the inside and crispy outside.

With 19 combination steam ovens to their name, Miele is considered a significant innovator of these kitchen appliances. The Miele | 10106540 | Dgm 6800 Cs Steam Combination Oven makes steam food cooking a breeze. You will not have to choose between a steam oven and a microwave. These kitchen appliances combine together in one oven.

Pyrolytic Ovens

Cleaning the oven is probably on top of the most hated household chores list. With these kitchen appliances, you can strike this chore off your list forever. Pyrolytic ovens use very high temperatures (about 500°C) that will incinerate any food residue left on the oven walls and turn it into ash. You can then easily remove these ashes, with just a damp cloth.

The ASKO | OP8687A | 60Cm Pyrolytic Multifunction Oven boasts an attractive, minimalist exterior that conceals tremendous cooking and cleaning power. With 18 oven functions and 5 baking levels, it satisfies all cooking objectives. During cooking or self-cleaning, the external oven door will stay cool to the touch.

As a service centre that retails, we focus on providing you with exceptional customer service. Our expert sales team knows all of the kitchen appliances inside out. They can help you choose the right kitchen appliances for your Adelaide home.

Many of our fridges, ovens, coffee machines, microwaves, dishwashers, cooktops and much more are on display in our Adelaide showroom. We also hold cooking demonstrations to show these kitchen appliances in action.

Create an ideal cooking environment with the best kitchen appliances, visit Adelaide Appliance Gallery today!