“Immer besser” or “always better”! This is the promise the German brand, Miele, has made and is still keeping through all of its products. Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their quality and endurance. They engineered to last.

To meet different needs, Miele provides individual solutions. If you are allergic or asthmatic, Miele vacuum bags and cleaners have the right features to protect you. There is also a vacuum cleaner line for pet owners. Whatever your particular needs are, there is a Miele vacuum for you.


Not only do these Miele vacuum cleaners remove pollen, dust mites and other allergens reliably from your floors. The HEPA 13 filtration system cleans the room air as well, enabling allergy and asthma sufferers to breathe with ease. These Miele vacuum cleaners filter more than 99.999% of all particles from the surrounding air while vacuuming, even fine dust.

Miele vacuum bags offer maximum dust retention capacity to ensure you will not mistakenly inhale these allergens. With several filter layers, the dust is locked in securely. For hygienic vacuum bags replacements, Miele introduces the lock-in technology. When the appliance is opened, the bag closes to prevent dust from escaping.

Getting a Miele Allergy Vacuum, such as the Miele | C3 Multi Floor will maximize the air hygiene at your house.

Cat And Dog

Pet owners are not left out of the Miele vacuum experience. The Miele Cat And Dog Vacuum comes with accessories that reliably clean pet hair and neutralize odours. The Turbobrush will effectively remove any hair or lint from your carpets and rugs. To clean your furniture, you can use the mini handheld Turbobrush. All Miele Cat And Dog Vacuum models include an Active AirClean filter. It neutralizes unpleasant odours before they have a chance to spread.

The Miele | C3 Cat & Dog Powerline provides maximum suction power, even when the vacuum bag is full.


A dream Vacuum cleaner to use on carpets. The special Electrobrush will clean both your lush rugs and carpets deep into their fibres. With its powerful cleaning performance, the Miele Electro Vacuum is capable of cleaning all floor types as well. With the suitable head, you will be able to vacuum your floors, mattresses or even the interior of your car. The bagless Miele | Blizzard Cx1 Comfort Powerline comes with wireless handle controls for more convenience.

Total Care

For those who love to get the complete package, Miele | Complete C3 Comfort Total Care is the vacuum for you. The Miele Total Care Vacuums come with comprehensive accessories to solve nearly every cleaning problem.

At the Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we stock the best range of Miele vacuum cleaners. Additionally, we also offer an extensive collection of Miele vacuum bags and accessories. For your convenience, all Miele vacuum bags are colour-coded. This will help you choose the correct Miele vacuum bags for your machine.

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