The idea of Italian cooking fills our imagination with mouthwatering pizza and pasta or delicious buttery cakes and biscuits. Basically all things indulgent and even unhealthy! But the reality is, Italian cooking is actually pretty simple and very clean.

Traditional meals are cooked with fresh produce taken straight from the garden and meat and cheeses picked up at the local market.

Can you imagine the delights that a steam oven would bring to an Italian kitchen?

Take the famous Lemon and Ricotta cake for instance. They are typically made to welcome Spring time and the flavours represent this perfectly! Light and creamy ricotta mixed with the zingy zest of fresh lemon… mmm, just the thought makes us hungry! This cake is packed with moisture which is just one of the reasons using a steam oven when creating this simple yet flavour-packed masterpiece is a must!

Some of the key benefits of using a steam oven are that they help to retain moisture and also keep the nutrient and vitamin levels high, unlike baking in a conventional oven or boiling. Steam ovens also don’t brown or burn the tops of your yummy baked goods, meaning you can rest assured that your treat will come out perfectly! So for this recipe, the Adelaide Appliance Gallery has you covered!

With the proper recipe and the steam oven from Adelaide Appliance Gallery, your Lemon and Ricotta cake will become the perfect afternoon desert for your tea guests.

Things you will need
One pinch of salt
185g softened unsalted butter
250 grams caster sugar
Juice and zest of two lemons
450 grams strong ricotta cheese. You can cut them into three to four big chunks if it is too firm.
225 grams of plain flour
1 ½ tablespoon of baking powder


First, of, all preheat the Steam Oven up to 180 degrees Centigrade. If your oven has variable steam controls, you can adjust it to 80% or 100% since it will also be appropriate. You can then line and grease a loaf tin with the baking paper to enable it to come up to the long sides for a better lifting after cooking.

You can now whisk the baking powder jointly with the flour inside a bowl to mix correctly.

The next step to follow is to cream the sugar, butter, and salt in the stand mixer on medium speed until they become fluffy and light. You can then begin adding the eggs one after the other and to mix them thoroughly after adding the next one.

Then mix the juice and the lemon zest on low speed. After that, you can now put in the ricotta. Mix it very well for a brief period. Remember not to allow the ricotta to become entirely smooth as you are mixing. As you pour in the lemon, your mixture may curdle but, you shouldn’t worry about that since it will correct itself later.

Mix the baking powder and flour gently until they form a flat mixture. Even if it is not completely smooth due to the ricotta, make sure that you do not leave any substantial flour clumps.

Bring out your lined tin and pour in the mixture. Allow the dough to bake for about 45 minutes. Wait until it is puffed with a golden brown colour, and tests clean if you apply your skewer on it. You can then bring it out from Steam oven. Allow it to down for about 30 minutes inside the tin. Then use your baking paper to bring out the cake and place it on the wire rack to completely cool down.

You can now serve your lemon ricotta Cake with yogurt or a thick cream when it is at room temperature or a bit warm. You can retain the cake for four or five days inside your refrigerator. Even you can reheat the leftovers in your Steam Oven at 120 degrees centigrade or combination steam.

With the above recipe, you can bake a professional standard Lemon and Ricotta Cake. That is, if you have the assistance from a Steam Oven from Adelaide Appliance Gallery. You can Visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom today for more information and advice.