Laurastar Irons In Adelaide

Laurastar is renowned as a pioneer and world leader in designing professional ironing system that can be seamlessly used at home. But there’s more: the irons come as part of an intuitive concept that focuses on an active board, a vacuum system which fixes any stubborn creases, a blower, a professional-grade iron, and a steam generator!

Laurastar appears committed to offering you convenient results without having to spend any more on professional cleaning services which charge an arm and a leg. Featuring five product lines bound to surprise you with concern with their functionality, it will be easy peasy to keep your clothes looking new and sleek. We have a large display of Laurastar Irons in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom for you to test out for yourself.


The Laurastar Pulse

Laurastar’s latest technological innovation, the Pulse system is equipped with a 2-speed blower and vacuum system which can intermittently change by merely pressing a tiny button. Confused about how it works? Well, simply put, the pulse system is responsible for automatic and short bursts –for optimal distribution of the steam to making ironing easier. The result is a perfectly wrinkle-free piece of clothing, eliminating any pesky creases in a single stroke movement. Another feature which helps achieve that is the 3D active soleplate; while the ergonomic handle enables you to release ultrafine steam that will not damage colours or fabrics.

The Laurastar Pulse comes dressed with an elegant resistant cover, a protective soleplate for any delicate clothing, a steam cord holder, anti-scale water filter refill, and a unique heat-resistant iron mat. In other words, you’ll have the whole iron package needed for achieving professional results in the convenience of your own home!


The Laurastar S6a

The precursor of the Laurastar Pulse, the S6a model iron, also comes with an active board, a vacuum system for perfectly wrinkle-free clothing, and a 2-speed blower. In fact, preserving the appearance of your clothes is going to be a breeze, as the powerful ultrafine steam is designed to handle your clothing with the utmost care.

Equipped with a highly-resistant cover, a special heat-resistant iron mat, an anti-scale water filter refill, and a protective soleplate for delicate fabrics, there is little standing in the way of perfect-looking clothing items!


The Laurastar S5a

The Laurastar S5a iron makes use of an auto-stop function, which automatically switches off the unit if more than ten minutes of inactivity have passed. Not only suitable for energy saving, but also for your personal safety, it’s great for busy professionals who are continually trying to multitask –ultimately forgetting one thing or the other.

Another excellent feature is the vertical steaming function, where you can bring finishing touches to your garments without arching your back or hurting your sensitive knees. The removable tank can also hold up to 11 litres of water, and chances are you won’t need to refill it even during a long, drawn-out ironing session.


The Laurastar S4a

Equipped with a sleek stainless steel look and ergonomic handle, the Laurastar S4a iron features integrated wheels, which allow you to move the active board from one room to the other with ease. Moreover, the removable water tank provides your utmost convenience, so that you don’t need to lug around the entire system after each use.

The pièce de résistance is the unique professional soleplate which releases an ultra-fine yet strong steam that adapts to different types of fabric –even allowing you to steam your clothes vertically.

Laurastar S4a also comes with an attractive and highly-resistant design cover, a steam cord holder and an anti-scale water filter refill.


Laurastar Go+

The Laurastar Go+ gives you the chance to enjoy exclusive technology for flawless and smooth ironing results.

While the blower system automatically adapts to the fabric on the board to create a cushion of air which prevents creases from happening, the innovative vacuum system firmly holds clothing in place –making it easier for you to manoeuvre the iron and get the optimal results you’re looking for.