Check Out Our Range Of Laundry Appliances

Doing the laundry is one of those home tasks that can be draining and time-consuming. Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have compiled a list of tips that will hopefully help you save money and time when doing your washing.

Before we get stuck into the tips we will mention that we have a huge range of laundry appliances on display in our showroom– all of which are designed to help make doing the laundry that much easier.

Wash your clothes and towels separately

Towels are made of terry cloth, and this stuff is fibrous and will rip the threads of your clothing and leave little terry-towel fluffs all over your clothes. Keep your towels and clothing separate when washing to extend the life of your clothes and saving you the trouble of de-fluffing.

Use White vinegar to re-wash stinky clothes

Did you forget to take your clothes out of the washing machine? It happens sometimes. The unfortunate thing is when you leave your clothes sitting in the machine for too long they come out stinking worse than the men’s locker room at the gym. To get rid of the smell, head to the kitchen and grab some white vinegar. 1 cup into another warm wash is enough to cleanse your clothes of the stench and will kill any mould spores that are causing the odour.

Add Lavender oil

If you leave your laundry in the washing machine for few days (we hope you don’t but if you do), then you can get that smell moving by adding some drops of lavender oil to the load before you re-wash. This oil has anti-mold properties that will rid the stinky mildew odour. You can also do this with the vinegar.

Use the best laundry detergent

Whenever you are doing your laundry, don’t forget that a good laundry detergent will give the best results. Not all detergents are suitable for all washing machines. We have first-hand experience in seeing the damage a cheap detergent can do, so we developed our own range! Check out the Power of 4 range to make sure your clothes are always clean and fresh and to keep your washing machine working for years to come.

Smelly washing machine

If you notice that your washing machine is smelly, there are a few things you can do. If the device is a high-efficiency product, use less fabric softener and less detergent. Also, use a lesser amount of water. If the washing machine is a top loader, check the agitator lid for any mould. It’s a good idea to keep the door slightly open when you are not using your washing machine to help the moisture to dry off and prevent mold.

Using less fabric softener

If you are interested in reducing your use of fabric softener, there are few things you can do. Add one cup of plain white vinegar to the load when it is in the rinse cycle if your machine is a top loader. If you are using a front loading washing machine, you can add a quarter cup instead. Apart from the vinegar, you can add some essential oils to provide antibacterial properties to your clothes.

Removing static cling

Vinegar doesn’t remove static cling, but with dryer balls, do. There are many types of dryer balls that you can choose from. They make some for cotton clothing and some are primarily for wool clothing.

One of the ways to reduce laundry time and save lots of money on laundry is by using the best washing machine that will suit your needs. At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have a huge range of washing machines to suit your needs and we are happy to go in detail about each one to find the best one for your needs. Visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom today for more information and advice.