Imagine where you would be without your washing machine. Down by the river washing your clothes on the rocks? Perhaps you would be washing your delicates in the bathtub. Washing is one of those home tasks that is certainly not exciting, but with a washing machine, it does become much easier.

If you have not faced a pile of dirty clothes when you are tired, you will not appreciate the necessity of having a high-quality washing machine.

Kleemaid Washing Machines In Adelaide

There are many cheap washing machines out in the market, and opting for a cheap machine may save you money upfront but it will probably cost you more in energy costs and won’t have the same longevity as a higher quality washing machine.

There are many brands of washing machines out there, but one brand you should not look past is Kleenmaid, which has been an Australian family favourite for decades and is available at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

This brand of the washing machine is your ticket to a stress-free washing experience and can serve you and your family for many years to come.

About Kleenmaid

Kleenmaid is one of the leading brands in the Australian market known for high-quality laundry appliances. They have many other products in their range, but their washing machines are world-class quality with innovative design and advanced technology. This brand has been supplying Australians for more than 20 years now with impressive feedback.

Kleenmaid is loved by Australians because of the brand’s durability and reliability. These machines can withstand a decent beating, which is essential for the Aussie outdoor lifestyle.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find both energy efficient and water-saving washing machines from Kleenmaid. We stock washing machines that are front loading and also top loading so you can choose the best machine for your laundry space and personal needs. Whichever design you choose you can rest assured that with Kleenmaid washing machine you will enjoy the high-quality performance and sleek design.

The range of Kleenmaid Washing Machines At Adelaide Appliance Gallery

When you visit Adelaide Appliance Gallery for your Kleenmaid brand of washing machines, you can make an informed choice from the numerous options available. As mentioned earlier we stock both front loading and top loading machines.

Picking a front load Kleenmaid washing machine has many advantages. The first advantage is space. You can stack a front loader with your dryer for a neat laundry configuration. Front loading machines are also built to be energy efficient, relying on gravity to help tumble the clothing using less power and water. Because of this, they often have a longer life, especially if you use our special range of laundry products– Power of 4.

The Kleenmaid top loading washing machine range is still very popular. The top-loading machines are often still seen to be more reliable (they’ve been around forever!) and in some cases seen to be safer, as its harder for children to access the top lid. Top loading machines also tend to avoid mould build up as the seals are not constantly exposed to water, unlike the front loader, where the seals are constantly wet.

Why Buy From Adelaide Appliance Gallery?

We have a great range of Kleenmaid washing machines on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom and are happy to help you find the right model for your needs. We also have a full-service centre and can arrange onsite warranty repairs for your new (or old) washing machine to make sure it lasts many years to come. We can also arrange to personally install your machine and remove your old one.