For so many years, stovetops came in only two types, gas, and electric. However, recently, consumers are enjoying induction technology. These stovetops revolutionized our everyday cooking forever. That is why induction cooktops have quickly become very popular amongst Adelaide homeowners.

Here is why you should choose induction stovetops for your Adelaide house:

Precise Temperature Control 

A good cook needs to have ultimate control over the cooking temperature of the stovetop. That is why many professional chefs prefer to cook on gas stovetops rather than electric ones. Induction stovetops feature even higher temperature refinement than gas cooktops. With these stovetops, you can cook like a professional in your Adelaide kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

Induction stovetops will not drive your electricity bills over the roof. They only operate when there is a pot or other cookware on them. The heat is also directly applied to the cookware itself. Therefore, there is an efficient use of electricity.

Cooler Kitchen

Unlike other cooktops, the surface of induction stovetops does not heat up. It remains cool, and the cookware receives the heat directly. That is why the heat does not transfer to the kitchen surroundings. As soon as you remove the cookware, the heating stops. Induction stovetops allow you to enjoy cooking in the summer at your Adelaide kitchen. 


One of the most essential features of induction stovetops is their reliability and safety. Induction stovetops do not heat up unless you put the cookware on them. Even while cooking, their surfaces remain cool. It is only the cookware that heats up. Once you remove the cookware, the induction stovetop will also automatically shut itself off. 

With induction stovetops, you will not have to worry about your children or pets getting burned in your Adelaide kitchen. There is no fire or hot surfaces.

Easy to Clean

It is effortless to keep induction stovetops looking as good as new. Unlike gas stovetops, they do not have grills and burners that are difficult to clean. The surface of induction stovetops is flat and smooth, with no obstacles. It is also sealed. That is why the edges do not gather dirt or oily residues. So with just a wipe off, you will be able to clean the whole stovetop. 

The surface of induction stovetops also remains cool, while cooking. You will not have to worry about tough-to-clean burned grease spills. With just a damp cloth, you will be able to clean the surface of your induction stovetop easily. 

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