As smart consumers, we have to be wise and choose products that can help save us more money in the long run. Knowing which dishwashing powder to buy is the wisest move you can make today.

What Causes Early Machine Breakdown?

In an article that appeared on The New York Times, a writer mused on the amount of detergent that people use on the regular basis with their dishwashing machine.

The writer quoted Mr. Vernon Schmidt, an author of a book entitled, “Appliance Handbook for Women: Simple Enough Even a Man Can Understand.” saying, “Nobody thinks they use too much soap”. Indeed, we are guilty of using a little too much.

Our modern dishwashing machines are designed to be cost and energy efficient. Since modern machines use less amount of water, we really shouldn’t be using excessive amounts of soap when using dishwashing machines.

Excessive use of detergent is bad because they can cause too many suds, which can get stuck in the tiny spaces of your machine. These suds do not only contain detergent but other fillers as well. This build-up in your machine’s tiny spaces can cause mould and mildew to grow, and rusting as well. Yikes!

Prevention is better than Cure.

To prevent early machine breakdown you can consider these factors for choosing the right dishwashing detergent:

1. Phosphate Content.

Pentasodium triphosphate (PSTP) is the chemical form in which phosphate comes to detergents. This chemical is what enables your detergent dishwashing powders to stick to dirt and wash it away. The POWER OF 4 dishwashing powder has a significant amount of phosphate that always gets the job done.

2. Reaction to Water Temperature.

Chemists use a solution’s pH level to categorise whether it is basic or acidic. Temperature also plays a part in making solutions become more basic or acidic. When a detergent has a more basic pH level, it is said to be more effective at cleaning.

Finding out your dishwashing powder’s best temperature is like unlocking the key to the age-old question of: “How much detergent should I put into my dishwasher?” This will help you save money by lessening the amount of powder which you will be using every cycle.

The Power of 4 dishwashing powder, could be utilised at temperatures between 60 and 70 in order to achieve its best performance. You can maximise your dishwashing machine’s cleaning efficiency with the combination of temperature settings and a high-grade detergent powder, like the Power of 4.

3. Enzymes Matter.

Enzymes are substances that act as natural catalysts. Enzymes are powerful substances that are able to create chemical reactions in order to break down the basic components of food debris and stains in your plates and utensils.

A molecule of an enzyme can break down a wide array of elements. In other words, enzymes put in the extra punch when it comes to cleaning the stubborn stains and debris.

When we created the POWER of 4 range we added these little guys to do work at a molecular level. It’s no wonder that the POWER of 4 has the best value of dishwashing powder in the market.

4. No to Fillers.

What most detergent powder manufacturers will not tell you is that they add chalk, borax, or gluten, to act as filler for your dishwashing powder. Sadly, these substances only add to the weight of your purchase and do not even add any value.

They do not even dissolve thoroughly– even at high temperatures!

Buying a dishwashing detergent with a big amount of filler content is literally money down the drain. Plus, when these insoluble substances get stuck in your machine’s system, it will ruin it. Before you know it, you’re calling the servicing agents and it hasn’t been two years since you bought it.

Buying a dishwashing powder, like the Power of 4, can save you money because its unique formulation is to rid of any fillers. In addition to that, the Power of 4 is also saving you from any dishwashing machine destruction caused by these dangerous fillers.

5. Stop using too much soap!

People make the mistake of using too much powder. We have been lead to believe that the more bubbles there is, the cleaner our items will be. This is not true.

The POWER OF 4 is formulated to be efficient even with minimal usage. You can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth for every cycle with the use of POWER OF 4.

Bonus Tip: Use Soft Water.

Research has shown that soft water is best to use with a dishwasher machine. Did you know that the biggest foe to your dishwasher machine’s early breakdown is the use of hard water? The use of hard water shortens your dishwasher machine’s lifespan to just 7 years.

At the Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we’re not only about appliances. We’re also about caring for your appliances. You can purchase a Power of 4 water softener salt to help ionize your water, making your dishwasher machine last a little longer.

The POWER OF 4 works great with any of the dishwashing machines you purchase from the Adelaide Appliance Gallery. You can also grab the POWER OF 4 in money-saving bundles. Be sure to check us out.