Jura Coffee Machines At Adelaide Appliance Gallery

We don’t know about you, but here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we LOVE OUR COFFEE! Latte, cappuccino, espresso, flower coffee, chewable coffee, coffee cone.. We are even down for a little of that death wish coffee! But other than being in the loop with all the coffee fads, do you want to know what it really is that makes you sound smart while your drinking your coffee?

Well, we could bring up the health benefits or even the history of this fabulous caffeinated beverage to enlighten more.

For example: Did you know that one of the predicted reasons civilization has strived throughout history is because we started drinking coffee instead of watered down wine or beer throughout the day?


Did you know that as a result of drinking coffee you may experience any one (or more) of the following?

Sharpened memory
Improved mood
Quicker reaction times
Better cognitive function

But forget about all that!

If you want to be a real coffee snob, then you need to visit Adelaide Appliance Gallery and pick up your key to sounding smart while drinking coffee– a Jura coffee machine.

Imagine this. Your in-laws arrive home from their European holiday and have thoughtfully decided to give you a surprise pop in! The kitchen is a mess after a busy breakfast and your authentic Italian Moka has been broken for over a month now. But you are totally relaxed. There is no sweat on this nose. You know that sitting in your kitchen is your secret weapon – A Jura coffee machine from Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

“I’ll just put some coffee on” adding quickly while they settle into the lounge room.
“What style of coffee would you prefer? How strong would you like it? Tall or Short? Milk? Hot hot? I’ll just grind some beans.” With confused but impressed looks on their faces, you disappear into the kitchen. With Jura, all it takes is one touch and you are making two of the most aromatic, flavorful coffees your in-laws will have ever tasted. Within a moment you reappear effortlessly and completely under control.
“Perfect! Coffee just like in Italy!”

If you really want to sound extra smart when talking about coffee then you can throw some of this coffee lingo next time your brewing your next cuppa.

What are the origins?

‘Orgins’ is the coffee way of explaining where the particular bean comes from. In the 13th century, coffee was discovered hiding in the Ethiopian highlands. Then the Arabs were the first to cultivate and trade coffee, bringing coffee goodness to the world.

Why do we roast coffee beans?

Roasting coffee beans is super important because without the roasting process, they still contain caffeine, but they don’t have their unique tastes, smells and colours! When coffee beans are roasted their magic flavours are released. They change for the better and some even say that this is when the coffee’s “personality” comes shining through!

Light vs. Medium vs. Dark Roast, what’s the difference and should I care?

Light Roast:
When coffee beans are roasted the caffeine levels are at their maximum. So a light roast still holds the most amount of caffeine. The beans will be a light brown colour and sometimes have a hint of green. They have the most flavour and are the most acidic. The surface is still oily as they haven’t been heated for long enough to burn it off.

Medium Roast:

The medium roast is a great “go to” because the acidic levels are reduced, the flavour is bold and strong but it is more balanced and smooth and the caffeine levels are at a medium intensity. The beans appearance is non-oily and medium brown in colour.

Dark Roast:

The dark roast is lovely and rich in flavour but, because of the roasting time, the beans lose some of their flavours. They have the least amount of caffeine and they are a dark brown almost black colour.

3 tips when choosing your beans from the shop!

Does it have a “Direct Trade” stamp on it? This means the coffee company is working directly with the coffee farm.
Make sure your coffee bag has a “One-way valve”. The small hole that lets out the C02 without letting the air in. Vacuum sealed bags mean that the coffee has been packed for long life and is probably not fresh. The best idea is to buy from your local roaster!

Buy the beans whole and grind yourself. This keeps them super fresh as they don’t last long once grand. Don’t worry your Jura will grind your beans for you!

Hopefully, now you know a bit more about the divine bean floating in your cup. The Jura range of coffee machines have the ability to produce exceptional cups of coffee. If you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself then pop in and join us for a cuppa– See you down at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, just ask to see Jura.