We at Adelaide Appliance Gallery know that #Adulting can be hard. Maybe you have just moved out of home and are learning the ropes of cooking and cleaning your house. Well, this series is for you!

Have you ever seen a dish and imagined how much better it will look and taste with a poached egg on it? Go into any breakfast or brunch place and you will find poached eggs proudly on the menu. They make the perfect addition to salads, beef tartar and obviously toast, but how do the chefs get it so perfect every time?

How good would it be if you could recreate your favourite poached egg breakfast at home? I’m sure a bit of smashed avocado with your egg would go down a treat too!

But, let’s be honest. Cooking a poached egg is hard. Really hard. In fact, most chefs spend months and months of training to learn how to make the best-poached egg. The oozy, gooey kind that falls open across your plate.

Well, with the right cooktop and guidance from us at Adelaide Appliance Gallery you too can be whipping up poached eggs, Masterchef style!

How to Poach an Egg

Poached eggs are delicious to eat, but they seem to have this reputation of being difficult to cook. Just follow the instructions below, step-by-step and you will find yourself producing the best poached-egg for your mates and family. There will more than likely be a few ‘duds’ but don’t lose hope, keep trying and you will master the skill.

Now we will mention that is essential to have FRESH eggs! To check if the egg is fresh, crack it into a saucer. The yolk should stand plump and high, not flat and runny. Fresh eggs really are the key to the perfect poach. It’s also important to make sure your cooktop temperature is well regulated so the water doesn’t boil too quickly. An induction cooktop works best for poaching.

Poached eggs are best served on hot buttered toast, with bacon, hollandaise sauce, avocados or on top of a good salad. You can even plop one onto a bowl of pasta! Get creative!

2 Fresh eggs (or more if you think you will muck them up)
A slotted spoon
2 teaspoons of white vinegar
3 cups of water


Turn on your cooktop to a medium heat

Fill a saucepan with water and the vinegar and bring to the boil.
Crack the eggs into a small bowl. This helps stop the egg from being aggressively dumped into the water which will cause it to separate into wispy egg whites.

With your spoon, stir the water to create a whirlpool, then gently plop one egg into the centre of the water, letting it gently slide out of the bowl.

Use your slotted spoon to keep moving the water as the eggs cook. The aim is to get the egg to become perfectly round and plump, not splattered and messy. After the eggs have cooked for three minutes, you can remove them if you want soft poaching. Use a paper towel to drain the water from the cooked egg.

Season with salt and pepper

The steps are simple and with a bit of practice and the right cooktop, you will master the poached egg!

We have a range of cooktops on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom and can show you how to use them and how to poach an egg. The Induction cooktops provide superb simmering and fast heat which is necessary for the perfect cooking of poached egg. Come see us for information and advice.