Washing machines are essential for every household. They provide you with loads of support. That is why you have to take care of your Adelaide washing machine in return. Just imagine how stressful your laundry day would be, without a functioning washing machine. 

With proper maintenance, these machines can continue to work effectively for many years to come. Here are a few simple but valuable tips that will help you maintain your Adelaide washing machine:

Inspect the Hoses Regularly

The hoses must be checked for cracks or leaks every now and then. If you find any problem with a hose, it needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, there will be a problem in the flow of water to and from the washing machine.

To prevent the hoses from kinking, make sure that your Adelaide washing machine is at least ten centimetres away from the wall.

Break Laundry Into Smaller Loads

Avoid overloading these machines. Try also to wash heavy or bulky items in small loads. Stuffing more than the advised amount of clothes can prevent your Adelaide washing machine from rotating properly. You will end up with partially cleaned clothes that you will have to wash again. Over time, heavy loads can damage the motor of washing machines as well.

Use Suitable Detergents

Before using your Adelaide washing machine, try to read its instruction manual first. There, you will find a suitable type and right amount of detergent to use. Energy-efficient washing machines, for example, require low sudsing detergents. Too much detergent will leave behind soap residue on your laundry. It is also hard on the machines themselves and can cause break-downs. 

Clean the Washing Machine

Unlike the popular myth, fantastic workhorses do not clean themselves automatically. The hard water of Adelaide and the harmful detergents leave build-ups in your washing machine. These can prevent washing machines from cleaning effectively.

To clean your Adelaide washing machine, run an empty load of hot water with two cups of white vinegar. It is recommended to do this every month.

Leave the Washing Machine Door Open

After removing the clean laundry, do not close the door of the machine immediately. It helps keep your machine smelling good. The fresh air removes any moisture from the machine and prevents mould and bacteria build-ups. 

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