Though rangehoods are not the prominent stars of the kitchen, they play a very vital role. A choice rangehood will not only help keep your Adelaide kitchen cleaner, but it will also remove any excess heat. It will leave your kitchen much cooler.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we only stock the highest quality rangehoods that will make your Adelaide kitchen a happy and comfortable place – no matter what you’re cooking! This is why when it comes to providing our clientele with a premium range hood solution for their Adelaide home or business, we always recommend the Schweigen range of silent rangehoods.

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Schweigen Silent Rangehoods

Schweigen is the German word for silent. By choosing one of the Schweigen rangehoods, you will be getting a combination of the powerful German engineering and the elegant European design.

Because this Australian owned brand also understands the unique requirements of your Adelaide kitchen, the Schweigen silent rangehoods come with an externally mounted, energy-efficient Isodrive motor system. It can withstand the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. This next-level kitchen technology motor works by pulling the air outside, rather than pushing it like other conventional rangehoods.

With Schweigen rangehoods, it is not only about motor power, but these quiet rangehoods are also designed to make a stunning design statement in your Adelaide kitchen. They can also be cleverly concealed under the kitchen cupboards.

All Schweigen rangehoods purchased from Adelaide Appliance Gallery come with a lifetime filter warranty and a ten-year motor warranty. Adelaide Appliance Gallery is also a fully certified warranty agent for Schweigen.

Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

These silent rangehoods will add a beautiful, sleek and modern touch to your Adelaide kitchen design.

The glamorous stainless steel ‘cloud’ of the Schweigen | CC-INARTS Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods, takes cooking to the next level. The Perimeter Aspiration feature in the INART 4M enables it to handle your intense cooking with ease. It targets air extraction towards the perimeter of the cassette, creating a smaller and more intense extraction area.

For a more flexible design option, the Schweigen Silent Paradigma Modular Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods are the best choice for your Adelaide kitchen. The rangehoods are available in several modular configurations, to provide you with a versatile design solution that will suit your Adelaide kitchen needs.

Undermount Rangehoods

This category of rangehoods is integrated into your Adelaide kitchen cupboard. With a smart design that conceals these silent rangehoods, you will actually have to point them out to your guests to make them visible.

Undermount rangehoods are great for small kitchens, as they keep the view uncluttered and will not disrupt your Adelaide kitchen cabinetry line. The entirely concealed Schweigen | KLS-9GLASS | Undermount Rangehoods feature Strip LED lighting system, which will provide you with a clearer vision while cooking.

On the other hand, the Schweigen | UM1170-6S | 60cm Undermount Rangehoods will fit perfectly into your 30cm deep Adelaide kitchen cabinetry, which makes these 5-speed rangehoods ideal for Adelaide kitchens with limited space.

To learn more about the range of quiet Schweigen Rangehoods we stock, check our website or visit our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom today!