It never ceases to amaze us just how convenient it is that we have all of these wonderful appliances. We just can’t imagine living in the stone age and having to rub flints and sticks together to create fire! It’s a great thing that we’re living in this modern age made complete with the presence of a coffee machine. Here’s why your Adelaide kitchen is not complete without a kitchen.

#1 Consistency In Every Cup

Having a coffee machine is a way to ensure that you’re getting your favourite cup of coffee, exactly how you like it– every single time.

Some like having milk and sugar added to their cup; others just milk without sugar; some people prefer their coffee with sugar and no milk, and some go with the full experience of tasting coffee by going without any of the add-ons.

Whichever way you like your coffee, having your own coffee machine at home or at the office will be an upgrade to the typical instant blend. Some coffee machines also allow you to save your favourite coffee preset under it’s own custom name– hows that for consistency?

#2 Fresh Beans

Do you know why coffee shops have such great tasting coffee every time you order it? The secret lies in the use of fresh beans.

Before the existence of having your at-home coffee machine, the coffee maker was your go-to appliance in having your favourite coffee. Most of the time, these machines are left out in your kitchen and the ground coffee inside loses its flavour over time. Even having your coffee ground from a store can make it lose its aroma taking away one of the most enjoyable experiences of having coffee.

We have various coffee machines currently on display at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery store that is plugged and ready to use. Among which is the JURA automatic coffee machines. Let our experts guide you through the whole experience of having a JURA automatic coffee machine. This brand will offer you the complete experience of having freshly ground coffee beans for every cup.

Also, having fresh beans inside the machine means more cups of coffee. With the traditional coffee maker, you are very limited to the number of cups you can have that depends on the ground coffee casing. Since automatic coffee machines have a big capacity for beans, you can have more than three fresh cups of coffee for every use.

#3 Specialty Coffee at the Push of a Button

Specialty coffee at the push of a button? Count us in!

Ever thought of having your friends over for a cup of coffee or two (or three)? Well, now you can. With the help of a coffee machine you, your family, and your visitors can enjoy specialty coffee at the comfort of your Adelaide home.

Preparing espresso or cappuccino or a macchiato can be very tricky if no one in your family or friends have received the basic barista training to do this. They are called specialty coffee for a reason, but with automatic coffee machines, you can now have them any time of the day without having to walk all the way to the nearest coffee shop.

#4 Save Time, Save Money

If you live in a village or a subdivision where you have to drive for a couple of kilometres to get to the nearest coffee shop for your coffee fix, then getting your very own coffee machine is a complete upgrade for you that saves you both time and money.

These are but a few of the reasons why we think the coffee machine is a neat upgrade to your Adelaide home. Do check out our coffee machine installation the next time you visit our store. Adelaide Appliance Gallery experts will be more than happy to assist you to find that coffee machine for your coffee fix. You can also sample a cup of Jura coffee for yourself when you visit our showroom.