What You Need To Know About Miele Vacuum Bags

We’re all familiar with how the quality of products when it’s German-made. There is even a saying that goes “Drive German”! With just about how great Miele is, it’s also probably safe to say “Clean German”.

Miele are the world leaders in vacuum technology. Living by their company promise of Immer Besser or “Forever Better” and having the reputation “built to last” associated to Miele vacuums, you can rest assured that the vacuum that you are buying will be of great value that will surely last you a long time.

The secret to why Miele is the world-leader in vacuum cleaners lies in the amount of technology that they have thoughtfully put into each of their products.With Miele vacuums, you can expect expert workmanship with enough consideration for everything that you will ever need from your vacuum.

High Caliber Suction Capacity

Miele vacuum cleaners boast a peak of up to 1600 watts suction power (PowerLine series) with very minimal power consumption, they ensure unbeatable efficiency at a very minimal cost.

Whichever Miele model you choose, you’re sure to get a bang for your buck!

Original Miele Vacuum Bags Technology

Miele were very thoughtful enough to ensure that you’ll find the right bag for your vacuum cleaner. With the Original Hyclean dust bag’s colour match keylock feature, you can be at peace that you’re getting the right one for your cleaner.

Original Miele Vacuum Bags are made of fleece and this material, has been proven to trap dust better.

Buying original Miele Vacuum bags can also save you up to 25% of your costs How? Because of the diffuser included in every bag. These diffusers ensure that the dust collected is spread evenly through the bag so that the full capacity of each bag is made use of.

Another technology that you would be getting for the Miele vacuum bags that you’re buying is their lock-in technology. This ensures that each time you change your Miele vacuum bag, all dust is trapped inside for good!

World-Recognised Quality

TÜV Nord recognises the technology in all Miele Vacuum Bags that you’re buying. This is an organisation which tests out all products for their legal requirements. This is especially good news for people with allergies!

The Miele vacuum bags that passed the industry certifications keeps the allergens, bacteria, molds, and pollens sealed during the vacuuming process and even after when you’re changing your Miele vacuum bags!

Why You Should Use a Miele Vacuum Bag

When looking for the right Miele vacuum bag for your vacuum cleaner, make sure that you pair it with original Miele vacuum bags. These bags were specifically made for the machines making the performance of both Miele vacuum bags and machines work in perfect harmony.

Before Buying your First Miele Vacuum Bag

Like we’ve said, Miele has made it all the more convenient for its consumers to buy the right Miele vacuum bags for their machines. However, being your guide in the world of these wonderfully powerful vacuum cleaners, you will need to know more than just the catchy store name for your vacuum cleaner.

To make sure that you’re buying the right bag for your all-mighty cleaning machine, look for the silver sticker that tells you of your machine’s model number. The model number should be starting with a letter ‘S’ or an ‘i’. We’ve prepared a list, for your convenience.

Types of Miele Vacuum Bags for the Types of Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Mele Vacuum Bags – Suits these Miele Vacuum Models

E: S217 … S226
FJM: S241-S256i, S290-S291, S300i-S399, S500-S578, S700-S758, S4000-S4999
GN: S400i-S456i, S600-S658, S800-S858, S2000-S2999, S5000-S5999
H: S227-S240i, S269i-S282i
K: S140-S157, S163-S168

If this article hasn’t got you convinced of the power of a Miele vacuum cleaner and the efficiency of their Miele vacuum bags, come by and pay us a visit at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery. We’ll be happy to help you out! We can also help you out with a new vacuum cleaner and have many on display for you to try out.