For generations, coffee has been making mornings seem more pleasurable –starting from the beautiful and unique smell of roasted coffee beans to the invigorating first sip which sends jolts down your spine! Despite that, without the right equipment you’re on the side of a lost cause, and so we’ve come up with a list of things which you need to bear in mind for finding the best coffee machine in Adelaide.

It’s important to know that there are four main types of coffee machines available on today’s market, and each one of them presents specific merits –especially when it comes to satisfying different taste buds. Ultimately the decision should complement your choice of flavors and aromas, so let’s dive in!


Filter coffee machines

The art of making coffee and refreshing your senses wouldn’t be complete without filter coffee machines. The design is as simple as it gets, as you pour cold water in the upper part of the machine and voila, the warmed coffee slowly drips into the jug below. Should you be concerned about it getting cold, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that a hot plate will keep it warm for you. The main disadvantage of this product is that it takes some time for the coffee to be ready, thus make sure you won’t be late for work!


Pod or capsule coffee machines

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have the more modern and less housewife feel of the previously mentioned filter machine. Featuring pre-packaged capsules, they are easy to use, even for first-time buyers. The whole process involves piercing the coffee capsule, and then the intelligent machine will take over by sending hot water through it. The main advantage of pod or capsule machines is how easy they are to maintain and clean –however, don’t forget about the added cost of buying separate capsules each time.



For a real Italian coffee experience, you will need to try this machine at least once during your lifetime. The bean-to-cup journey starts with the grinding of the coffee beans, and afterward, water will run through them –ultimately dispensing a steaming hot and robust aroma of exquisite coffee.


Espresso maker

In comparison to the bean-to-cup machine, the espresso maker differs through the fact that it doesn’t feature a grinder. Instead, it uses a small boiler which heats up to a piping hot temperature of between 85C and 92C –traditionally viewed as the ideal condition for coffee making. Depending on the brand you’re opting for, you may also receive a complimentary steaming tool for making lattes and cappuccinos. Yum, yum!


Percolators Ground

Another traditional Italian-like experience can be felt by using coffee percolators. These conventional continental steam-infusion machines produce rich and authentic Italian coffee within minutes. The method is both fashionable and irresistible, and the best part is the fact that you can make up to six insatiable cups. Although espresso is the primary use of this wonderful invention, you can even make cappuccino or mocha using it –just remember to keep an eye on it while the water boils.


Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we absolutely love the range of Jura coffee machines and have a full working display set up in our showroom. Pop down and see us to discover the Jura range and try a cup of coffee (or two) for yourself