Finding the right dishwasher

Maybe you’ve come to understand that an excellent dishwasher can save you money on your water bill, or perhaps you’re done scrubbing and washing away hours after dinner has finished. With prices ranging around $1000, you’ll need to know what to look out for – otherwise you might go back to the eternity spent scrubbing after the machine’s “done”.

Because we are experts with years of retail and repair experience, we can help you pick the right dishwasher for your needs. You can even visit us at our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom to see all our dishwashers in action. Ok, that said – here’s what you need to consider.


Once upon a time, dishwashers would solely perform washing and drying tasks. However, newer models are equipped with a plethora of different functions, but be ready to pay a premium for each one you add. Among the ones that will increase your quality of life you can find:

Stainless steel tubs: with a more stylish and more contemporary look by contrast with the plastic tubs, stainless steel models are more resistant and durable.

Sanitising: particularly crucial for families with children, sanitizing features remove bacteria and germs that might survive the typical dish cycle.

Self-cleaning: if you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning out your own dishwasher, some higher-end models do it for you, ensuring that the interior of the unit is safe!


It’s essential to note that if you prefer pre-washing your dishes before loading, you might not need any advanced features and setting that might be out of your pocket’s reach. Alternatively, look for a model that has an integrated heavy scrub option –especially if you oven bake many ingredients that might require more than one dish cycle.
Another interesting and useful feature is the heat cycle. By using warm air meant to dry your dishes, the washing machine sucks up quite a bit of electricity; nonetheless, you can directly save more money by turning it off and on as you deem fit.

Energy use

According to experts, a dishwasher produced before 1994 will cost you an extra 60 AUD per year, all while wasting over 10 gallons of water per each wash. By contrast, an Energy Star unit can potentially save you over 1,300 gallons over the course of its life.

A small trick is to pay attention to the bright yellow label attached to each dishwasher –as this compared annual operating costs of various models on the market.


]As a general rule of thumb, full-size dishwashers are around 24 inches wide, whereas smaller units account for approximately 18 inches. When it comes to measurements, there isn’t a right or wrong, it all depends on your individual set of circumstances. Nonetheless, an excellent dishwasher will allow for ample room, especially if you tend to use large mixing bowls, large plates, or tend to throw many parties during the year. Also, keep a close eye on silverware baskets and the number of shelves the dishwasher allow for. For example, finding a model that has an adjustable shelf can be incredibly useful, particularly when you have guests coming over and want to save on utility bills.

A week before making the purchase, take into account how many dishes tend to pile up in your sink. For a small household, you will need a compact machine, whereas for a large family you need the option of space.
We have a range of sizes on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom so you can take each dishwasher for a test drive and bring in your space measurements.


Most homes nowadays have an open concept space in which the living room and kitchen are basically tucked away in the same area. When it comes to noise, cheaper models tend to be louder than their higher-end counterparts, as this can easily disturb the silence and quiet downtimes you’re trying to enjoy. Families with newborn babies might regret not thinking about the noise aspect as well, thus make sure you pick a subtle edition that won’t disturb your “you-time”.

When it comes to dishwashers, you should strive to maintain a balance between how big the dishwasher is, how energy-efficient it is, your budget, the noise it will make, and other bits and pieces. If you’re unsure, come to our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom and get seduced by the wide range of dishwashers we have in stock! We can find the right dishwasher for you to suit your budget, space and needs.