Ironing can be a tedious, monotonous task that many people try to avoid. A chore that requires having sufficient knowledge about delicate fabrics, to avoid damaging certain types of clothes. That is why so many Adelaide residents send their clothing out to a professional laundry service.

However, investing your money in purchasing one of the well-functioning, high-quality irons from Adelaide Appliance Gallery will not only save yourself the time and effort of sending your clothing out. These irons will also put you in control. You will be able to quickly iron any item you want and have it ready by the exact time you need it.

LauraStar irons make ironing at home much easier and faster. They will provide you with professional ironing systems, but for domestic use. No fabric is too delicate, and no crease is too hard!

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we are passionate about high-quality appliances that make everyday chores easier for our Adelaide clients. That is why we stock the best range of LauraStar irons in South Australia. When you visit our Adelaide showroom, you will find many LauraStar irons and ironing stations on display, plugged in and ready to be tested by you.

Laurastar Irons

Founded by people who appreciate beautiful fabrics, these Swiss-engineered irons have revolutionized ironing techniques. Their purpose is to help you obtain a professional result within the comfort of your Adelaide home. With over 35 years of innovation, the brand has perfected an entire ironing system that will easily beautify your clothes, no matter how delicate.

By purchasing any of the LauraStar irons from Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are also a fully certified warranty agent for LauraStar irons.

Laurastar Ironing Systems

These smart ironing systems use Bluetooth technology to coach you through ironing your clothes via a smartphone application. All LauraStar irons, such as the SMART U | Ironing Station and the SMART M | Ironing Station, are equipped with:

Active 3D soleplate: gives you an incomparable ironing quality in a single pressing stroke. It straightens the fabric through diffusing ultra-fine, powerful steam vertically onto the entire surface, keeping your clothes looking beautiful for longer.

Active Board: with a blower system that optimally positions the fabric on the board, it creates a cushion of air to prevent creases. Additionally, there is a vacuum system that sucks the clothing to hold it firmly on the board and make it easier to iron.

Laurastar Steam Stations

This line of irons offers a new way of steaming clothes. The compact and light LauraStar Lift and LauraStar Lift Plus irons are the first steam generators that come with a handle. That makes them easier to use on the ironing board or clothes on hangers.

LauraStar irons feature a hygienic type of steam that eliminates up to 99.999 % of bacteria that resist warm wash cycles. It also purifies the fabric deep down by removing organisms that cause allergies and prevents them from multiplying.

To test South Australia’s best range of quality Laurastar irons yourself, visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom today!