Shopping for grown-up appliances for yourself is one of those key moments in life where you really feel like you’ve stepped out of messy teenager and into a responsible adult, well…in theory.

Once you have picked up your $2.00 mugs from K-mart and bathmats from Ikea you may be searching on Gumtree for other appliances to kit out your new pad. One of the items up for debate may be a dryer.

A dryer can seem like an unnecessary investment, especially if you are moving out for the first time, so is it worth the money or should you just spend it on food?

Buying a dryer can come down to quite a few details and if you’re considering your budget then you may want to ponder the following.

Do you have an outdoor area or balcony?

If you have a clothes line outside then obviously it makes sense to hang your stuff outside in the sunshine which will save you money and also kill any bacteria lurking in your undies. The same goes for a balcony. Drape your clothes over a clothing rack and place it in the sun. Just make sure your apartment building does not have restrictions against hanging clothes outside (some do). This solution generally doesn’t work in Winter.

Do you have a heater?

If you have a decent heater in your house then you may be able to get away with without needing a dryer through winter. Simply pop your clothes on a clothing rack near the heater and kill two birds with one stone. Be careful not to get them too close or you will risk burning your home down or scorching your favourite jeans.

Keep in mind, this process can take a long time to dry your clothes and your clothes may end up a bit smelly.

Do you have room for a dryer?

It’s not uncommon for apartments to not have a laundry. If you have a small amount of room you can choose to invest in a wall mounted dryer, just be sure to check with your landlord before you start making holes in the wall or you may end up losing your bond.

Can you afford the electricity bill?

It’s all well and good to be able to afford the dryer (especially if your parents gift one to you) but can you afford to pay the electricity bill for using it? If you’re a uni student and living on Mee-Goreng noodles you may want to rethink the investment or choose a dryer with a high energy rating.

Thinking to go cheap? Think again

Let’s be honest. If your dryer breaks down are you really going to arrange for someone to come out and fix it? Repairs can easily turn out to cost more than the cost of a cheap machine so why not invest a little more and get a quality dryer that is reliable and has a decent warranty to go with it. Dryers generally start at around $300 and can go up to $3000. A good starting point for quality and cost is the Miele Condenser dryer for $1399.

If you still can’t decide on whether to purchase a dryer then don’t fret. Come down to Adelaide Appliance Gallery and see what we have on display. We can run you through the details and show you why adulting isn’t so hard.


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You’re welcome.