When we were children, we dreamt of having our own homes and curating the furniture and appliances to go in it. Thanks to the selections and to the folks at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, making this dream come true has never been easier!

Creating a Kitchen you Love Made More Convenient with Adelaide Appliance Gallery

Trends come and go and an outdated kitchen design can really bring down not only the design of your home but also the value. Choosing the right range of appliances can help ensure that your kitchen stays fashionable and on trend for as long as possible and can help avoid a kitchen overhaul.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we carry all of the essential kitchen appliances for the perfect kitchen. We have a wide variety of cooktops, ovens, fridges, and dishwashers in various designs to help compliment your house.


Let’s begin curating the perfect kitchen with the most essential kitchen appliance– the cooktop.

Adelaide Appliance Gallery has a wide selection of cooktops for their customers to choose from. We have premium European cooktop brands with the best-selling induction cooktops and also the name brands that you know and trust.

Induction cooktops are the latest innovation in cooking technology and our most popular,  which is because of how intelligent this cooking appliance is. If you’re looking for induction cooktops that have a safety feature, you have come to the right place.

Aside from the safety features that the available induction cooktops have, they’re also energy-saving intelligence. Energy saved means money saved as well. It’s no wonder why the induction cooktops are among our best-selling appliances at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.


Ever heard of a self-cleaning oven? If not, it has an even fancier name, they’re called pyrolytic ovens.

Pyrolytic ovens are among our best selling ovens as they are capable of self-cleaning thanks to the extreme heat that it can produce that reduces all food debris and oils to its powdered state making it so much easier to wipe off.


Another essential appliance available from Adelaide Appliance Gallery is the fridge. Having a fridge is convenient especially when it’s summer and there are some leftovers from the Sunday family dinner.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have a fridge for keeping your wine cool, a fridge that’s completely integrated into your kitchen’s interior, and models that you can leave out in your yard. Our best selling models are the ones most commonly found in every Adelaide home, the fridge and freezer.

The fridge and freezer models combine the two basic feature into one appliance thereby saving space, energy, and costs in the long run.


If you’ve created the perfect kitchen, you might want to stay longer whenever you’re cooking up a scrumptious meal for your family. However, some kitchen duties can be such a drag, just like washing dishes. You don’t have to worry about that because, at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we’ve got you covered.

Our dishwashers, just like all the other appliances available, are all premium white goods designed with innovative technology. When it comes to dishwashers, you can choose from our freestanding models or the completely integrated ones, which will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen’s interiors. Most of our buyers consider purchasing the freestanding dishwashers to be worthy of their money because it saves them time when it comes to installation.

We guarantee you that you’ll never run out of options from our wide selection of the available dishwashers.

Why trust Adelaide Appliance Gallery?

Having your trust to help with all of your kitchen appliance needs is our mission. In fact, we have made it very convenient for our customers to buy their very own premium white goods. Adelaide Appliance Gallery is committed not only to bringing you these appliances but to be with you every step of the way.

We are focused on providing you with the best of our services from the initial consultation, installation, technical support, and the maintenance and servicing. We also have scheduled kitchen demonstrations to provide you with the best advice possible towards making a wise purchase.

To ensure that your kitchen is perfect down to the last detail, call up our professionals at Adelaide Appliance Gallery. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to creating your perfect Adelaide kitchen.