What’s the difference Between Cooktops and Freestanding Ranges

Kitchens can be a sight to behold, provided that all appliances effortlessly fit together, and the style is not mix-matched. Seemingly trivial details can end up playing a huge role in the overall décor –color, design, cooking requirements and available space and can either add or detract value to your home.

Whether you’re looking to buy a cooktop for your brand-new home, or whether you’re improving the look of your current space, it’s wise to do a little bit of research to make sure you get the right appliance for your lifestyle. Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have a huge range of cooktops on display in our Payneham showroom, most of which are operational.

Bearing this in mind the question then remains, what are the main differences between cooktops, and which type is right for you and your cooking needs?  


Understanding the Style Differences


In simple terms, a cooktop has many of the same functions as a built in top, minus the integrated oven. In other words, cooktops only take up a portion of your kitchen by solely using counter space. To help you visualize this, picture the burner’s knobs and buttons being on top of the counter instead of in front of you. When adding an oven to the mix, you can opt for a wall-mounted oven in addition to the existing cooktop.


In comparison to cooktops, a range is a free standing kitchen appliance that features the burners on top, while your oven is located down below. Buttons and knobs are conveniently tucked away in the front to not get in the way of your pots and pans.

Range top

The third option is a smart combination of the two, ideal for those who love different aspects of both styles. Whereas rangetops follow the design of a cooktop, the placement of knobs and buttons is similar to the range option. Professional looking and visually appealing, rangetops take more room than conventional cooktops and carry a more extravagant price tag as well.


The benefits of Cooktops

  • Cooktops have an ergonomic appeal –suited for people with knee or back problems.
  • Cooktops need a small amount of counter space, allowing for ample cabinet space below.
  • Cooktops are a safer choice for families with young children –since they are out of reach
  • Cooktops allow for less mess and a more straightforward cleaning process, especially since burners don’t need to be removed and put back in.
  • Electric cooktops are excellent for providing an even heat source and maintaining low simmering temperatures.
  • Cooktops feature flexible design (i.e., size, style, burner choice).
  • Cooktops are ideal for multiple-cook scenarios.


Range Benefits

  • Ideal for more compact kitchens with limited space
  • A range can serve as a focal point or a visually appealing centrepiece
  • Ranges are available in a variety of types, sizes and cooking styles, including drop-in, double oven, dual-fuel, freestanding, or even slide-in
  • Excellent for commercial purposes


Types of Cooktops

There are a variety of types of cooktops including induction, gas or electric. These types are not available in all styles, however, the most popular option here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery is induction cooking. See us in store for a demonstration to see why it’s become the most popular type of cooktop.


Which type is right for your home?

There are many benefits unique to a cooktop and a range, but ultimately the decision will rest on your shoulders. There is a wide range of factors to consider before having your choice. Do you cook alone or with your partner? Does your kitchen benefit from ample space or is it cramped? Do your friends and family know you as a weekly dinner host? Do your knees hurt when you bend over? These are just some of the questions which you’ll need to answer become deciding what works best for you.


The decision can seem daunting, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a full range of working cooktops and ranges on display and are happy to walk you through the features. In fact, we can provide you with advice on which cooktop can best suit your needs and teach you how to maintain your new cooktop so it lasts you well into the future.