Cooking at the touch of a button is the epitome of convenience when it comes to cooktops. Gone are the days when you have to get a lighter to turn on a stove because Neff has made it so much easier to cook your favourite dishes without sacrificing cooking quality or time. Better yet, here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a huge range of NEFF appliances on display that you can test out for yourself

Better Food Quality with NEFF

Adelaide cookaholics are choosing NEFF cooktops and ovens as their cooking companions because the cooking experience and food quality are far superior than any technology we have seen before. NEFF has a long-standing reputation for being reliable when addressing all of your kitchen needs. NEFF appliances are here for you from making your coffee in the morning to baking that delicious cake your kids love most.

Aside from the reliability of NEFF appliances, there are a few more reasons why you should make the switch:

Cooking Technology

Most ovens are equipped with using convection method to cook food.  This traditional method of oven cooking uses a fan to evenly distribute heat within the appliance. NEFF found a better way to make use of this technology by upgrading it to CircoTherm. Simply put, the CircoTherm will extract the air out of the oven with the use of its specialised NEFF fans, heats it, and then releases it back into circulation to cook your food. You will not find this in any other ovens unless they were made by NEFF. With CircoTherm, you can rest assured that your food will always be evenly-cooked. We can show you exactly how this technology works by firing up one of the display models we have on the Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom floor.


These days, it’s not that difficult to find appliances with more than just one function, just like how a smartphone is more than just for calls and texts. NEFF appliances provide their consumers with the amount of flexibility without sacrificing any quality. Great examples of which are their cooktops and ovens.

Not all induction cooktops are created equal and it’s undeniable how NEFF appliances induction cooktops are a cut above the rest. The NEFF-exclusive FlexInduction zone available on NEFF (T56TS31N0) Flexinduction Cooktop With Twistpad Fire makes it possible for you to use the whole induction cooking pad and you can rest assured that it will be evenly heated up where they are placed. This is very convenient for pots and pans for large batches of cooking or for cooking multiple dishes all at once.

When it comes to ovens, NEFF is also providing more flexibility for their users by combining oven cooking and microwave oven cooking capability. With the two functions combined in the NEFF (C27MS22N0B) Compact Oven With Microwave, you’ll no longer need to buy an extra appliance for your popcorn on your movie nights. Not only is it cost effective to have a flexible appliance such as a combination oven from NEFF, but it also saves you kitchen space allowing you more working surfaces.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we hold monthly cooking demonstrations where you can pop in and experience the technology for yourself, you also get to eat the treats we make at the end of it. Keep an eye on our website for the next date and remember to subscribe to the Adelaide Appliance Gallery newsletter for monthly specials and news.


The concept of space-saving is visibly seen in NEFF compact ovens with the Slide and Hide capability seen on NEFF (B48FT78N0B) Combi-steam Oven. Oven doors can hog space a little bit and can cause issues when designing a kitchen. Aside from that, they’re also a recipe for disaster, endangering anyone who gets close to it by getting burnt or scalded. The Hide and Slide makes room for more areas to move around your kitchen without putting you at risk, also letting you put that turkey in the oven easily, perfectly, and safely. This oven is easily one of our most attractive that we have on display at Adelaide Appliance Gallery. Its simple to use and makes perfect sense, especially for a small, pokey kitchen space.

Water and Energy Efficiency

NEFF appliances are also environmentally-friendly. They carefully consider the use of less water and energy. In fact, a NEFF dishwasher, like the NEFF (S525T80D0A) Fully Integrated Dishwasher scored a 4.5-star rating in terms of energy efficiency use and a 5-star efficiency in terms of water use. This means, that the dishwasher is more generally more efficient than its competitors.

True enough, you’ll find more than four reasons to love your NEFF appliances and why you’ve chosen to cook with NEFF appliances. Be sure to check out the Adelaide Appliance Gallery website or drop by our shop for more help in finding the best appliances for your Adelaide home.